The “digital” secret of perfect health diet!

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Today, laser treatment device in the world set off a wave, laser treatment is also more and more popular, including laser therapy watch, laser therapy knee massage and other laser treatment device by the people love, no doubt laser therapy instrument can improve the body Healthy, but below I will give you a few recipes to share

Today, we are very concerned about diet health care, want to eat both nutrition and health. But most people focus on eating things, while ignoring the way and methods of eating. As everyone knows, if the diet method is not scientific, no matter how good the food is difficult to be absorbed. Today, we help you summarize a set of the best numbers for eating, so that you eat more healthy and more scientific.

Best breakfast time: 20 minutes after getting up Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, director of nutrition Zhao Xia: In general, get up after 20 to 30 minutes to eat breakfast the most appropriate, when people’s appetite is the most prosperous, digestion and absorption status is also the best level. Before breakfast, the best intake of at least 500 ml of water, can help digestion, but also for the body to add water, remove waste, reduce blood viscosity. Breakfast should contain bread, rice gruel and other carbohydrates; meat, eggs and other animal foods; milk, soy products and fresh vegetables, fruits and other four types of food. According to the number of food types to quickly assess the adequacy of breakfast nutrition. If the breakfast included the above four were nutrient-rich breakfast, three kinds of nutrition is more adequate, two or less of the following is not enough nutrition. Vegetables, fruits do not have too much, but not omission.

Recommended breakfast with the program:

Female: 1 cup of milk + 1 whole wheat bread + 1 carrots fried pork.

Students: 1 bowl of egg noodles +1 peach +1 cup milk; 10 am add a banana or yogurt.

Elderly: 1 part milk milk porridge +1 tofu; morning to add a banana or apple.

The best number of chewing: a meal to chew 30 under

Japanese scholars found that: the moldy carcinogen aflatoxin and saliva mixed and then applied to animal somatic cells, the results of its strong carcinogen toxicity almost completely disappeared. Experts point out that this disinfection of saliva is that it can eliminate the superoxide free radicals produced by carcinogens. This digestion and disinfection process of saliva is not only carried out in the mouth, and when the saliva of the food is mixed into the stomach, the sterilization is continued for about 30 minutes.

Saliva has a variety of antibacterial elements, can kill or inhibit a lot of foreign bacteria, such as hemolytic streptococcus, Salmonella typhi, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus and so on.

Therefore, people eat slowly when eating is conducive to adequate mixing of food and saliva, saliva can reduce the ability of carcinogens to produce superoxide free radicals. A food chew 30 times, can make food in the superoxide free radicals in chewing to eliminate. Therefore, it is recommended that people eat when they must chew, so not only beneficial to the digestion and absorption of food, but also play the role of anti-cancer sterilization.


What is the difference between LLLT watch and laser for surgery?

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Laser medical treatment is one of the important contents of laser medicine. According to the different effects of low level laser on organism, low level laser is divided into two kinds of “strong laser” and “low level laser”, so it is divided into “surgery” in laser treatment, Treatment and “non-surgical” treatment of two aspects. Therefore, learning laser treatment must understand the basics of laser in order to better use laser treatment of various diseases.

In medicine, due to strong laser and low level laser biological mechanism of different, so the clinical application and basic research in the purpose and methods are different, then the strong and low level laser how to distinguish it? In this issue, the academic knowledge is not very uniform, it is called strong laser “high power” or “high energy”, “high intensity” laser; then, low level laser becomes “low power”, “low energy” or ” Low-intensity “laser. We believe that the mere use of the laser’s own physical parameters to measure the strength of the laser is not accurate, such as how much, how much energy intensity is considered “strong”? How many count “low level”? Difficult to master. Other scholars have suggested that the biological effects of laser and biological tissue should be used to distinguish the strength of the laser is more appropriate, the following we use this point of view to define the medical strong laser and low level laser.

1. powerful laser irradiation biological tissue if the direct cause of the biological tissue irreversible damage, then the affected area of ??the laser called “strong laser”.

2. low lever laser If the biological tissue of the laser does not directly cause irreversible damage to the biological tissue, the laser at this exposed area is called “low level laser”.

Strong laser is mainly used for surgical treatment, that is, with the “light knife” on the affected area for cutting, vaporization and coagulation therapy. Weak lasers are used for radiation therapy and acupuncture (light needle) treatment, the purpose is to promote cell growth and adjustment function. The former is “destroyed”, the latter is “repair”, but both are for the treatment of the disease. It is important to note that the use of laser photodynamic therapy for tumors, although also caused by irreversible damage to biological tissue (such as tumor disappearance after irradiation), but it is due to the participation of photosensitizer, rather than laser directly caused by irreversible damage, it is still low level laser.


Leading to vertigo the most common 8 kinds of causes

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About one-third of adults have had a dizziness experience, for a variety of reasons. Recently, the British “Daily Mail” wrote that the British neurologist David Hearst concluded the most common vertigo 8 kinds of causes.

1. drug side effects. Hypertensive drugs ACE inhibitors and amitriptyline and other antidep ressants, will lower blood pressure, induced dizziness. British Heart Association expert Natasha Stewart said that some heart disease patients will take diuretics dehydration, but also produce a sense of vertigo. Sedatives inhibit the central nervous system, so that brain activity slowdown, but also lead to a major factor in vertigo. And ease the nasal congestion of the drug so that blood vessels shrink, affect the brain oxygen caused by vertigo.

2. iron deficiency. Fatigue fatigue is a major symptom of anemia. Due to lack of iron, red blood cells, hemoglobin oxygen carrying reduction, cerebral blood oxygen deficiency, resulting in a sense of vertigo.

3. migraine. “The vertigo is often a precursor to migraine attacks because of the narrowing of the brain’s blood vessels and the reduction in blood flow,” said Professor Susan Haydn of the British Migraine Association.

4. the whole body scan. Magnetic resonance imaging scans may also cause dizziness. The human body is controlled by the inner ear, and the strong magnetic field generated by the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging scan can cause the inner ear to balance the organ imb-alance and cause the dizziness.

5. dehydration. Most of the brain by the water, the body once dehydrated, brain function will be abnormal. University of Connecticut Professor Lawrence Armstrong said that dehy-dration increased blood viscosity, body temperature, heart rate. Therefore, when the dizzy, may wish to drink a large glass of water to try.

6. heart and blood problems. Many vertigo is due to sudden reduction in blood pressure, the brain caused by short-term hypoxia. For example, suddenly get up or get up and so on.

7. swimming. Swimming is easy to lead to the ear into the water, once the water affects the inner ear balance organs, in the ears before the water completely dry, dizziness can last a few hours or even days. American ENT Association pointed out that before swimming and swimming, emotional stress will lead to cerebral blood oxygen decreased, followed by vertigo.

8. allergy. Peanuts, cats, dust and pollen and other allergens may also cause dizziness. Dr. Ariel Morris, an expert at the Allison Clinic in the UK, says allergies can cause mucus in the sinus andmiddle ear, affecting the internal organs of the inner ear, causing dizziness.

In summary, the cause of vertigo is mostly due to hypoxia, our new product – laser therapy watch(LLLT WATCH) is tailor-made for this, laser therapy watch(LLLT WATCH) can improve blood circulation, improve the vitality of red blood cells, is the source of red blood cells Constantly conveying oxygen, completely solve the dizziness of the troubles.


Why is the elderly prone to hyperviscosity?

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Now more and more elderly people suffering from high blood viscosity, hyperlipidemia, etc., many people do not understand why so many elderly people will be prone to high blood viscosity it? Professional physicians give the following explanation:

The elastic wall of the elderly gradually diminished, the lumen slowly narrowed, coupled with the red blood cell aggregation and deformation with age can also change, so the cells are easy to close each other close, causing increased blood viscosity, thus So that blood flow slowed down, and even lead to the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

At the same time, increased blood viscosity in the elderly and plasma protein (globulin, fibrin) and lipid (triglyceride, cholesterol) increased. In addition, when the blood contains more foreign body or metabolites (such as vascular wall shedding epithelial cells, attached to the blood vessel wall and shedding of lipid, etc.), the fibrin and platelets gathered around the foreign body, and wrapped them Up, so easy to form thrombosis, and affect the normal operation of blood speed, increase blood viscosity. These thrombus is like a time bomb buried in the body, when the emboli increased or suddenly into a smaller arterial blood vessels, it may block the blood vessels, resulting in tissue ischemia, hypoxia, necrosis, leading to cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction , Infarctous vasculitis and other diseases.

cold laser therapy watch

laser therapy watch



cold laser therapy watch

Professional physicians also introduced to regulate the elderly cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease treatment prevention approach:

First: the five principles of exercise for the elderly

First, should focus on the choice of cardiovascular and cardiovascular health benefits of sports, such as jogging, walking and so on. Each exercise time is about 30 to 60 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week, should not be too violent. Those who are older or who are less physically fit can reduce exercise time and intensity.
The same time as
Second, the elderly still have to pay attention to weight training. Weight training to slow bone loss, prevent muscle atrophy, maintain organ function will play a positive role. Elderly people should choose lightweight, safe weight training, such as holding a small sandbag, holding a small barbell, pull light spring, etc., each exercise time should not be too long.

Third, we should pay attention to maintaining the “balance” of physical exercise. Physical exercise “balance” should include muscle stretching, weight training, flexibility training and cardiovascular movement and many other sports, as to how to match, depending on individual circumstances.

Fourth, the elderly and physical weakness should also participate in the appropriate amount of sports, because sedentary for the body more harm. Such elderly people should choose a smaller range, with their own body to adapt to the movement, such as walking instead of running or aerobics.

Fifth, we must pay attention to the psychological factors related to exercise. As the elderly are weak, poor physical fitness, many people exercise will produce fear of distress, this will greatly reduce the effect of exercise. Therefore, the elderly exercise should have the right attitude: only to adhere to exercise to play the role of physical fitness.

Second: the use of semiconductor cold laser therapy watch treatment. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease must be done, but for many have been suffering from high blood viscosity, high blood lipids and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, but also according to the doctor to guide the use of drugs and laser therapy watch treatment, laser therapy watch Is the use of wavelength of 650nm laser irradiation wrist radial artery, Neiguan and nasal blood vessels, through the photochemical effects and biological effects, the blood lipid, blood glucose metabolism is improved, thereby enhancing the red blood cell oxygen carrying capacity and deformation capacity, Reduce triglycerides, cholesterol and low density lipoprotein, thereby reducing blood lipids, blood viscosity, lower blood pressure, improve blood sugar, to achieve the treatment of “three high disease” and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes purposes.

The use of cold laser therapy watch in the process of improvement in the physical condition, you can according to the doctor told to reduce or stop medication, laser treatment instrument in the blood lipids, blood viscosity is normal, it is recommended to stop nasal laser irradiation mode, continue to choose radial artery and Neiguan acupoint laser treatment mode, play a consolidation effect and health effects.

Cold laser therapy watch is a good choice.


Blood pressure is divided into 4 type, how to lower blood pressure?

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Hypertensive patients are often confused by fluctuations in blood pressure because doctors always warn patients to maintain a steady decline in blood pressure. But in fact, fluctuations in blood pressure can be said to be inevitable.

By the body of the biological clock control, the body of many life activities in a day showing a cyclical change. We call this feature a circadian rhythm. By its impact, people’s blood pressure also showed circadian rhythm changes. The study found that blood pressure in the day, not only with the time, the physiological state of the different fluctuations, amplified to a year, blood pressure will also fluctuate with the seasons.

People in the excitement, fear and exercise when the blood pressure can be significantly increased, when the excitement, nervousness or stop the movement, the blood pressure and rapid decline; sleep blood pressure will be reduced, and wake up when the blood pressure will immediately rise; Decline will lead to increased blood pressure, lower ambient temperature and lower blood pressure. In addition, blood pressure can also be smoking, drinking, drinking coffee and other factors caused by temporary changes.

There are fluctuations, blood pressure type 4

With the 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring technology widely carried out, found that blood pressure often show diurnal changes and fluctuations in the rhythm. According to the different fluctuations in day and night, the medical profession will be divided into four types of blood pressure –
Dipper blood pressure. Normal adult blood pressure and more performance during the day and night low, and early morning before and after the awakening of blood pressure will rapidly increase, then gradually decreased blood pressure, late to the night is often the lowest. Night sleep, blood pressure decreased by 10% to 20% during the day. Due to circadian blood pressure dynamic curve resembles the ladle, it is called dipper blood pressure.

Non-dipper type. No significant decline in blood pressure at night, that is, less than 10% decline in blood pressure at night, known as non-dipper type.

Anti-dipper type. Night blood pressure than the day even higher 5%, medically known as anti-dipper type.

Deep dipper type or super dipper type. Night blood pressure was significantly reduced, more than 20% decline over the day, known as deep dipper type or super dipper type;

In addition, if the morning blood pressure higher than the average blood pressure at night 30%, known as morning hypertension. In general, non-dipper blood pressure rhythm in the high blood pressure and the elderly are more common, this is an abnormal blood pressure circadian rhythm.

Blood pressure fluctuations, medication methods

The rhythm of circadian fluctuations in human blood pressure has important clinical significance. It has been confirmed that, regardless of the mean blood pressure of patients, if the nighttime blood pressure is not significantly lower than the daytime, the target organ damage than the dipper type of severe blood pressure, left ventricular hypertrophy, impaired renal function and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications can be significant Increased; super dipper type of hypertension can increase the incidence of nocturnal ischemic stroke; and early morning hypertension, the so-called “morning peak phenomenon” is the risk of stroke and myocardial infarction independent risk factors. Therefore, antihypertensive drugs should be based on blood pressure day and night changes and fluctuations in rhythm to use.

Choose long-acting antihypertensive drugs. In order to reduce blood pressure fluctuations, the current do not advocate the use of short-acting antihypertensive drugs, which is short-acting antihypertensive drugs for a short time, taking many times a day, will observe the blood pressure from high to low, and then from low to high changes Process, artificially caused by large fluctuations in blood pressure, but will have a negative impact on the target organ of hypertension. In order to achieve a smooth, sustained blood pressure and achieve blood pressure standards, the current multi-advocated the use of effective control of 24-hour blood pressure long-acting antihypertensive drugs, such as amlodipine, levocapine, perindopril, benazepril and vals Tan, olmesartan, candesartan and so on.

Adjust medication time. In view of 24-hour blood pressure fluctuations and variability, general dipper hypertrophy can be used in the morning medication, this can also reduce the occurrence of morning hypertension Non-dipper or anti-dipper hypertensive patients, if necessary, consider taking meals after dinner, so that the control of night blood pressure is effective. On the contrary, if it is deep dipper type or super dipper hypertensive patients, should be used in the morning medication, do not take in the evening, so as to avoid excessive reduction of blood pressure at night induced ischemic stroke.

Does the cold laser therapy watch help control blood pressure? As the body of various impurities together, adhere to the inner wall of the blood vessels, so that the inner wall of the vessel becomes small, narrow, blood through the pressure on the wall of the blood vessels increased, resulting in peripheral resistance is too high. Prolonged the formation of hypertensive heart disease. As the blood vessel wall for a long time on the blood of nutrients can not be effectively normal absorption, blood vessels in anoxic state, loss of its elasticity, easy to rupture.

Cold Laser therapy watch through the vascular wall of the ablation of impurities, decomposition of the internal wall of the blood vessels to restore the original space, so that the blood through the smooth change, reduce blood pressure on the blood vessel wall, thereby improving and maintaining blood pressure, Kidney damage.

In short, patients with hypertension in the treatment process should actively cooperate with the doctor, under the guidance of a doctor choose a reasonable antihypertensive drugs, regular monitoring of blood pressure, timely adjustment of medication time, dose and drugs, blood pressure variability may be reduced to cardiovascular risk lowest.

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Insomnia can lead to an increased risk of heart disease

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The incidence of heart disease is due to some of the bad habits of life caused by, such as insomnia. Insomnia is a cause of heart disease, then why do insomnia can lead to heart disease? Insomnia can lead to increased risk of heart disease, but also an important sign of heart disease one of the symptoms. According to the “USA Today” reported that the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Dr. Lars Eriks Lausanne and his colleagues, to participate in a national health survey of nearly 53,000 men and women who sleep habits were 11 years of follow-up study. Researchers, through careful analysis, found that the risk of heart disease was increased by 45% for those who did not sleep well every day compared with those who did not experience sleep problems; the risk of heart failure was 30% The risk of heart disease is increased by 27% after waking up.

wrist laser therapy watch?

Dr. Lausanne pointed out that although the new study did not confirm the existence of insomnia and heart disease between the inevitable causal relationship, but has shown that the relationship between the two closely. Insomnia will affect the body’s system of rest, and even directly affect the blood pressure and inflammation of the situation. Insomnia can lead to increased blood pressure, increased risk of inflammation, more likely to cause damage to the cardiovascular system, increased heart disease and stroke risk. Dr. Lausanne suggested that the public, often insomnia should go to the hospital to undergo a comprehensive examination, excluding physical illness, found the problem, early treatment.

Although the study did not confirm the existence of insomnia and heart disease between the inevitable causal relationship, but has shown that the relationship between the two closely.

Research shows that our company’s latest product — wrist laser therapy watch, can effectively improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, eliminate the pain caused by insomnia.

7 dangerous signs indicate heart attack appears,seek medical attention!

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According to Harvard University recently released the latest research report, only 25% of people in the sudden heart attack before no sign. Here is the Harvard University summed up the seven dangerous signals, understand them, maybe you can save a life — you or your loved ones.

1. shoulder, neck, chin or arm pain

Chest pain is one of the most common and well-known heart disease phenomena, and because of this, it is easy to overlook other similar information: such as the shoulder, neck and other pain. In fact, the body will be caused by the heart of the pain signal through the nerve up and down to the spinal cord around the radiation range, including the vicinity of the King. Therefore, the heart after the problem, you will feel the neck, chin and even the ears may feel pain. This pain may be sharp, but it may only be faint pain, so that you think it is just a simple muscle strain. Of the patients who died of heart disease, more than 50% of people were attacked by heart disease for the first time. In fact, a clear understanding of these pain is the key to rapid healing, unfortunately, it is difficult to shoulder pain and heart disease linked.

Features: these small local pain is easy to be ignored by the patient, but not without a trace to find. For example, when you find the neck a little bit of pain, and then to the next day the neck is not hurt, and can be the third day of the ear or chin but began to pain up, then it means that your heart artery problems The

Response: If you continue to hurt a few days are not good, then you can rest assured to eat painkillers. If the pain is transferred up and down, then you can get to the hospital.

2.Anxiety and insomnia

These two phenomena show that you have come to the heart of the lack of oxygen supply stage. In fact, through a number of surveys found that people with heart disease in the review of the disease will mention their own in the first few months to confirm the sudden feeling of extreme anxiety, and frequent insomnia. Once you feel the above symptoms, and this is the body to inform you that the hospital to check the problem, pro.LASER THERAPY MACHINE

Characteristic: never insomnia you do not experience any memorable or exciting things suddenly insomnia, then you need to pay attention. Insomnia is not just have to sleep, it may be in the middle of the night there is no sign of awakening. In addition, in the middle of the night thinking Pentium or can not explain the fear is the same as to remind you of the heart of the clues.

Coping: ask yourself, whether the anxiety is due to the pressure of recent work or life is not liking. If you exclude these, then you need to go to the hospital to check your heart.

3. Extreme fatigue

If you have a few days, weeks or even months of overwhelming fatigue, then this declaration of your heart is a problem. Of course, maybe you will say that a cold will feel tired, but the persistence of fatigue is not simply caused by the virus. According to the US National Institutes of Health report, more than 70% of women in the confirmation of heart disease before a few weeks will be extremely tired.

Features: fatigue is sudden, and there is no intense exercise, lack of sleep or illness and other incentives. Often, you will have a new day as usual, but soon you will fall into extreme fatigue and you will not be able to mention your spirit in the afternoon. In addition, the heavy limbs are another signal.

Response: hurry to go to the hospital check it.

4. nausea, stomach pain, indigestion

If you have any of these reactions without any obvious reason, then you are most likely to have a problem with the cardiovascular, which causes gastrointestinal discomfort. Arteries due to fat sediment clogging will reduce or even block blood transmission to the heart, which can cause angina. These symptoms are the most common in some of the women who thought it was a minor problem, so as to avoid going to the clinic or the hospital. This is why in the past year, 42% of women died because of heart disease, while only 24% of men died of heart disease in the same period.

Features: When you have the above symptoms, timely rest will help you relieve discomfort. If it is a sign of heart disease, these symptoms will not last for a long time, but will always be repeated. So, once you have eaten the habit of taking antacids in the past, and so on, and soon after the recurrence of the words, then we must consider the heart problem.

Response: Take a few days to observe your symptoms, healthy diet, and thus determine not stomach or food problems. If the symptoms still exist, please go to the hospital for professional gastrointestinal examination, do not forget to remind the doctor to take into account the heart of the problem.

5. heartbeat intensified, violent or irregular

Suddenly, or no reason for the heartbeat intensified, irregular heartbeat can be a few weeks before the heart attack or a month or two to remind you: you have to pay attention. If only the arrhythmia, and not accompanied by accelerated heartbeat, then the situation is also slightly better, but once the heartbeat is not the same time accompanied by the heart rate per minute to speed up (that is, medical ventricular tachycardia), then The body has made it clear that you should go to the hospital. Especially after exercise, in the event of ventricular tachycardia, it is likely to suddenly died in a short time. So be sure to seek help in the shortest possible time.

Features: The above symptoms are easily confused with panic attacks (a condition, also known as acute anxiety). Often, there is no obvious incentive to cause sudden cardiac arrest and arrhythmia, but there is a ventricular tachycardia caused by intense exercise. When these phenomena lasted 1 to 2 minutes later, dizzy weakness also followed laser therapy machine.

Response: seek medical attention immediately.

6. Unusual excessive sweating

When you do not exercise for a while but suddenly sweat, then this is often your heart before the onset of a signal. For women, the feeling is more like a menopausal hot flashes or night sweats. According to the University of Chicago study, before the heart attack, the body such as the neck, back, scalp, palms or feet will be a lot of sweating.

Characteristics: similar to the symptoms of colds, but not caused by colds, usually last for more than a week, or in a very long time repeated, these are signs of heart problems.LASER THERAPY MACHINE

To deal with: to determine their own is not a cold, if not, the hospital welcome you.

7. difficulty breathing, dizziness, it is difficult to take a deep breath

Harvard University, the latest study pointed out that heart disease is not more quietly

When you feel it is difficult to take a deep breath, you may think it is your lung problems, but this may also be due to heart weakness and lead to less oxygen in the blood of the results. Officials think that breathing difficulties, shortness is usually the first sign of a series of heart disease. In a study in Harvard, 40% of women with heart disease had a short breath before 6 months of confirmation.LASER THERAPY MACHINE

Features: You will feel like you can not breathe more oxygen at high altitudes. You will feel the head is very light, and even dizzy. Persistent asthma or lung discomfort can also make you wonder if it is a heart problem.

Response: shortness of breath may be the problem of the lungs may also be the heart of the problem, in order to avoid dragging to the back, early inspection is king.

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Natural reduction of blood pressure in 10 ways

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1. work “slow” half a beat. Suddenly the task, it is easy to make people pressure doubled, followed by a long history of blood pressure. University of California, a study reminds us that at this time may wish to put a temporary release of the task, finishing ideas and then start.

2.Often brisk walking The study found that patients with high blood pressure walking can make systolic and diastolic blood pressure were reduced by 8 mm Hg and 6 mm Hg, the effect even better than running. It is best to walk 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week.

3.Close your eyes. Computer, television, book …… the amount of information received too much too complicated, but also make our hearts and the brain overwhelmed. At this point may wish to close your eyes, to isolate themselves, with deep and slow breathing, help to reduce the stress response, so that blood pressure heart rate.

4. Listen to classical music. The study of the University of Florence in Italy found that 30 minutes of soothing music, such as classical music, piano music, simulated natural sounds, etc., systolic blood pressure can reduce 3.2 mm Hg; adhere to a month, systolic blood pressure can reduce 4.4 mm Hg.

5. Treatment of snoring. University of Alabama researchers found that many patients with obstructive sleep apnea in patients with high levels of aldosterone, and then cause high blood pressure. Experts suggest that do not snore improper matter, the sooner the treatment, the better blood pressure.

6. eat more potatoes, potatoes. North American University School of Medicine professor Linda Van Horn said that potatoes and other potassium-rich fruits and vegetables help reduce blood pressure, tomatoes, orange juice, potatoes, bananas, kidney beans, peas, melon and raisins are all rich in potassium foods.

7. A small amount of drinking. A study by the Harvard Medical School Affiliated Hospital found that a small amount of alcohol consumption was better maintained than alcohol. It is recommended that women drink no more than 1 cup a day (equivalent to 340 grams of beer, 142 grams of red wine or 42.5 grams of white wine), men do not exceed 2 cups.

8. Change coffee varieties. Many people can not leave the aroma of coffee aroma, can be 500 mg caffeine (equivalent to 3 cups of coffee) will lead to blood pressure increased by 4 mm Hg. Therefore, change to drink caffeine coffee, is a good way to serve two purposes.

9. eat a piece of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich in flavanols that enhance the elasticity of blood vessels.Experts recommend that patients with high blood pressure can eat 14 grams per day cocoa content of at least 70% of the dark chocolate, but be careful not to use high sugar containing chocolate instead.

10. eat more soy products. A study found in the Journal of the American Heart Association Journal of Hypertension on Hypertension and Prehypertension in Patients with Increased Soybean and Milk Protein, such as soy products, low-fat dairy products, and systolic blood pressure.

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Arrhythmia patients arranged for daily diet, play an important role in the rehabilitation of the disease. Arrhythmia often caused by coronary heart disease, high heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, cardiomyopathy and other causes. In the diet should avoid the promotion of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and other disease development and exacerbate the food, but also should limit the heat supply, reduce the weight of obese people, reduce the burden on the heart.

(1) limit the heat supply. General daily weight per kilogram of 25 to 35 cards, body fat can be provided by the lower limit.

(2) limit the supply of protein, usually by 1 to 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight supply, heart failure and high blood pressure, the protein should be controlled at 1 gram per kilogram of body weight per day.

(3) limit high fat, high cholesterol foods such as animal offal, animal oil, muscle, egg yolk, crab, roe and so on.

(4) should be rich in VitB, VitC and calcium, phosphorus food to maintain myocardial nutrition and lipid metabolism. Should eat fresh vegetables and fruits to supply vitamins and inorganic salts, but also to prevent dry stool.

(5) to prohibit the stimulation of heart and blood vessels, such as tobacco, tea, coffee and spicy spices. Cream, such as raw radish, raw cucumber, cabbage, leeks, onions, etc., so as not to cause flatulence, affect the heart activity.

(6) limit salt and water intake. Especially for patients with edema, should be strictly controlled. There are edema and heart failure, the diet may not add salt and soy sauce.

(7) should eat less meals, to avoid hunger and fullness, especially eating too much will increase the burden on the heart, increase the original arrhythmia.

Patients with arrhythmia Note:

First, should eat more fish products, fish oil can prevent the heart of the blood is blocked, to prevent heart attack caused by arrhythmia. If a patient wants to take fish oil and health care products directly, you need to obtain a doctor’s permission in advance. Second, caffeine is also one of the factors leading to arrhythmia, caffeine will make the human central nervous system has been in an excited state, the body organs are not a good rest, so that the burden of the heart is too heavy, may lead to arrhythmia The Third, the risk of excessive drinking believe that we are very clear that this is one of the important causes of arrhythmia. Appropriate drinking is conducive to promoting the body’s blood circulation, but if you drink, it will destroy the normal operation of various organs of the body, induced disease.

For arrhythmia, medical laser therapy watch is a very nice treatment product, for your health,

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What are the precursors of diabetes? How does the laser watch(lllt) prevent diabetes?

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In the elderly from the normal to the onset of a slow process, without any symptoms up to several years, or even decades, if not pay attention to prevention, treatment, eventually without exception, microvascular disease occurs, and finally lead to the occurrence of diabetes. If there is often no reason for fatigue, weight loss, sometimes diarrhea and constipation, middle-aged and urinating difficulties, in addition to prostatic hypertrophy, there may be a sweat there is a sweating, room temperature is not high and sweating, mainly Facial sweat. These are the aura of diabetes.

Patients with diabetes aura are caused by several factors.(LLLT)

(1) diabetes risk factors: such as diabetes genetic factors and impaired glucose tolerance.

(2) bad habits: overeating, life is not the law, not control diet, high protein, high fat, high sugar diet.

(3) lack of exercise, activity is too small: the intake of heat is greater than the trumpet of calories, the excess energy will become fat storage, resulting in various organ dysfunction,including islet cell function is alsodiminished, deliberately diabetes.

(4) obesity: a hundred diseases fat first, the world’s number of people who die fat is hungry starved to death more than twice the number. Obesity is one of the most important causes of type 2 diabetes. According to statistics, more than 40 years of age onset of diabetes and 2/3 of the people overweight before the onset of more than 10%.

(5) social and environmental factors: people are nervous, mood swings, heart pressure and sudden trauma andaccidents are likely to become a cause of diabetes.

Before being diagnosed with diabetes, such as glucose tolerance in 6.1-7.0mmol / L was sub-health installed him, at this stage if not timely treatment, the probability of occurrence of diabetes is 4.5 times the normal population. At this stage should be timely adjustment of mind, eat sweets, not overeating, appropriate exercise.

Treatment with low level laser therapy watch(lllt), can adjust and improve blood flow in a timely manner, lower blood lipids, anti-lipid peroxidation and improve microcirculation, so the sub-health state of diabetes can be placed into a further development of diabetes. Semiconductor low level laser therapy watch(lllt). nasal irradiation or radial artery laser irradiation treatment, once a day, every 30min-1h, the output power 3-4mw, 10-15 times as a course of treatment.

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Low Level Cold Laser irradiation of the nasal cavity, radial artery, Neiguan point mechanism and role?

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Nasal, radial artery, Neiguan point low level cold laser?

Low Level Cold laser nasal irradiation:

Because the nasal cavity is rich in blood vessels, blood vessels rich, deep nasal blood vessels can not go through the capillaries from the small arteries directly into the small veins (arteriovenous anastomosis), nasal mucosal vascular 60% through such arteriovenous anastomosis. Dretther and Aust suggest that turbulent tissue blood flow is more than the lungs, brain and muscle tissue, nasal cavity is rich in the nervous system, such as sensory nerve, olfactory nerve and autonomic nerve; immune mechanism, nasal lamina propria and submucosa There are many immune cells related to the plasma cells, lymphocytes, mast cells and the production of lytic cells of tissue cells, phagocytic cells, white blood cells and macrophages; nasal and cranial cavity are closely related, Lowtionin and other evidence, Mercury bromine red can spread to the arachnoid in minutes. Nasal mucosal lamina propria capillary endothelial cells in the epithelial cells and acinar around the very thin, the wall is porous, is the blood and tissue flow of the permeation barrier.


What is the effect of laser therapy watch irradiation on blood?

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Laser therapy watch?irradiation of blood changes hemorheological properties and improves hemodynamics Blood flow state is the body’s normal physiological function and defense function of the important protection, only the blood circulation continue to be carried out in order to ensure that the organ tissue to the normal blood perfusion, timely supply of oxygen and nutrients, discharge the body metabolites.

Hemorheology is closely related to vascular structure, cardiac function and rheological properties of the blood itself. Many diseases can cause changes in blood rheology, such as arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, blood diseases and cancer cell metastasis. Blood viscosity is an important parameter in hemorheology, many factors that affect blood viscosity, such as hematocrit, erythrocyte aggregation index, erythrocyte deformability, plasma viscosity, temperature and smoking, drinking and so on.

Medical experiments confirmed that weak laser irradiation of blood, can reduce erythrocyte sedimentation, reduce erythrocyte aggregation, enhance erythrocyte deformability, reduce plasma fibrinogen levels, increase fibrinolytic activity and endogenous heparin, thereby reducing blood viscosity, In a low state, contribute to the red blood cells in the small blood vessels in the normal smooth flow, effectively prevent the formation of micro-thrombosis, tissue and tissue is conducive to blood perfusion. Laser blood irradiation, but also can a – antitrypsin and a2 – macroglobulin levels decreased, thus activating fibrinolysis, plasma fibrinogen levels decreased. Increased levels of endogenous heparin can bind to AT-III, significantly enhance the role of the latter, inhibit platelet aggregation and phospholipid absorption.

2. laser therapy watch irradiation of blood has the effect of anti-lipid peroxidation

Human normal metabolic activity can produce free radicals (ie, free radicals, including outer orbital with unpaired electrons of atoms, protons, molecules or atomic groups, its life is very short about 10-16 to 10-9 seconds. Its chemical properties are unstable, Activity, and can be with the body fat, protein, sugar and nucleic acid and other chain fast reaction.) A small amount of free radicals for life activities necessary, such as material synthesis, cell division, nerve excitability, drugs and toxic Biotransformation and so on.

When the oxygen free radicals and the elimination of the dynamic balance of the disorder (such as suffering from hypoxia must disease), the body will produce a lot of free radicals, which in addition to exacerbation of cerebrovascular disease, but also can damage the protein, nucleic acid, , While induced cancer, cerebral ischemia, heart disease, aging, cataract and other diseases. Under normal circumstances, the human body there is a natural scavenging free radical enzyme system, so that in a certain concentration of dynamic balance. Such as red blood cells within the SOD (superoxide dismutase) can remove O2 – catalase can remove hydrogen peroxide, glutathione peroxidase can remove hydrogen peroxide in lipid peroxides. One of the most important is the SOD, so to improve its activity, to reduce the mortality of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is very helpful, is commonly used in clinical detection means. Clinical trials have confirmed that patients with cerebral arteriosclerosis after 3 times the weak laser irradiation of blood can increase the blood SOD, which helps to remove too much free radicals in the body to avoid lipid peroxidation.

Why choose our laser therapy watch ?

Semiconductor laser therapy watch treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular surgery is from the beginning of laser acupuncture, since the blood after treatment with the light, the needle can only be used as adjuvant therapy.