What is the safety level of the laser?

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The safety level of the laser – generally divided into 4 levels.

Class I: Low output laser (power less than 0.4mW). Basically it will not cause any harm to the eyes, and it can guarantee the safety of the design without special management.

Class II: Low-output visible laser (power: 0.4mW-1mW), usually less than 1mW, can cause dizziness and inability to think. Using closed eyes for protection can eliminate symptoms. Do not observe in the beam directly. Do not use a laser less than 1mW directly in the eyes of others, and avoid observing the Class II laser with a telescope.

Class III has levels IIIA and IIIB:

Class IIIA is a visible light continuous laser with an output of 1-5mW laser beam, avoiding observing the laser with afar-vision equipment. This may increase the risk. Like Class II, do not observe directly in the beam, nor use Class IIIA. The laser shines directly on the eyes of others.

Class IIIB is a continuous laser with 5-500mW. It is dangerous to observe directly in the beam. Do not use Class IIIB laser directly to other people’s eyes.

Class IV is a high-output continuous laser (more than 500mW). It is higher than the second stage. It has the risk of fire, and it is also dangerous for diffuse reflection. It is especially worth noting. Children should avoid watching lasers directly.

Summary: Class II, Class IIIA, Class IIIB, Class IV products have certain hazards. Please use them under guidance and supervision. Children should pay more attention. Please use them under the supervision of parents or other guardians.

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