Does laser treatment hurt?

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The light emitted by the laser is divided into ultraviolet (100nm to 400nm), visible light (400nm to 780nm), and infrared (780nm to 100μm) depending on the emission wavelength. Generally speaking, the shorter the wavelength, the larger the optical quantum energy, the stronger the biological effect; and the pulse laser is more harmful than the continuous laser. Eyes and skin are the main human organs damage  from the laser.

Do laser treatments hurt

Ultraviolet light with a wavelength of less than 295nm can be almost completely absorbed by the cornea, damaging epithelial cells and causing keratitis and conjunctivitis; ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 300nm to 400nm are absorbed by the lens to cause cataract; viscera can pass through the cornea and lens. Reach the retina. The laser power of visible wavelengths such as red, green, blue and purple will usually reach 5mW. Directly viewing this beam for a few seconds will cause some damage to the retina.

Do laser treatments hurt

The different wavelengths of the laser have different effects on the eyeball, and the consequences are different. Far-infrared laser will hurt the cornea. Because the laser of this wavelength is almost completely absorbed by the cornea, so the corneal damage is the heaviest, mainly causing keratitis and conjunctivitis. The patient feels eye pain, Afraid of light, tears, eye congestion, decreased vision, etc.

Laser therapy belongs to phototherapy technology in physical therapy.

The most widely used cardiovascular departments are laser surgery and He-Ne laser intravascular irradiation. Laser revascularization for heart disease and plaque embolism, including coronary atherosclerotic occlusion, had also been successful.

The laser therapy device laser source is low-intensity monochromatic red laser with a wavelength of 650nm and an output of 1-5mW. The low-intensity laser is a safe and reliable light source that is widely used in the medical field. In general, a safe laser is harmless as long as it does not illuminate the eye. Only the high-energy laser may cause burns due to its energy.

Low-energy lasers with a wavelength of 650 nm are most easily absorbed by red blood cells in human blood. The human body can absorb laser energy to produce lipoprotein lyase to reduce fat in the blood to improve microcirculation, improve the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen, purify blood, lower blood viscosity, and reduce hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and hypertension. Improve insulin function, make insulin secretion to normal levels, and get better treatment results.

Do laser treatments hurt

How to choose laser therapy watch supplier in China?

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Nowadays, more and more people choose semiconductor laser therapeutic devices (laser watches) as daily health care products.

Nowadays, the high incidence of diseases is:

  1. Malignant tumor (cancer) has not been found to cure in more than 100 kinds of cancers.
  2. Heart disease is the main disease in North America, Europe and Oceania, especially in the elderly, which is the most threatening disease. Tens of thousands of people die every year in the United States.
  3. Cerebrovascular disease (stroke or cerebral hemorrhage) is harmful to the elderly.
  4. Influenza and pneumonia.
  5. Bronchial diseases (including emphysema and asthma).
  6. Diabetes is commonly seen in developed countries and can not be cured.

Semiconductor laser therapy watch can alleviate the above diseases effectively. The specific principles are as follows:

Blood is the source of human life, is responsible for the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to promote microcirculation and metabolism of the human body an important part of the plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to various organs. With age,lifestyle and living environment diversification, a variety of fat, cholesterol, lipid waste will gradually encapsulate blood cells. Experts say if blood lipid levels are too high, sediments on the walls of blood vessels can clog up blood vessels for too long. If this clogging occurs in the arteries, it can lead to heart ischemia, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris and death in severe cases.

Semiconductor laser physiotherapy is an important aspect of quantum medicine. Low-power 650nm laser irradiation of circulating blood vessels and nasal mucosa in the left wrist acupoints can promote the generation of photoelectric biological effects. Through 650nm laser irradiation, it can easily penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue layer, stimulate the human meridians and collaterals without damage to human tissues, irradiate the three golden positions of the radial artery, laser energy can be absorbed by the blood.

On the basis of this principle, semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument (laser watch) has been successfully developed and put into the market. It is favored by customer all over the world and can be easily searched on all major websites. In the Chinese market, laser watches also have many brands, such as: Suyzeko, HNC, LASPOT, ThinkM, etc. These are the more common laser watches on the market.

As a buyer, we enter the keyword “laser watch” on the web page, We will find many suppliers on the website. From the perspective of our customers, which one is the most desirable? Is it the best choice with the best function? Or is it a low price, functionally equivalent substitute? This is a very important question. For suppliers, their product positioning is different for different user groups. With many choices, how should we choose the the best laser therapy watch supplier?

The following is a basic analysis of the laser watches of several brands in the Chinese market.

Suyzeko: 26 laser holes(Total), 10 wrist watches (6 Red + 4 blue); 2 nasal parts (1 Red + 1 blue); 2 ears (red), 12 pain panels (6 Red + 6 blue), this is the largest number of laser on the market.

The wristband is a high quality soft silicone strap, soft and skin friendly, and has no odor. It can adjust the length of the watch strap freely.

HNC: 10 red laser holes on the wrist watch, a single nose clip (red), no ear laser holes and pain plate, wristband for magic paste;

LASPOT: 10 laser holes (2 blue + 8 red), 2 nasal cavity (1 Red + 1 blue), 7 pain plates (3 Red + 2 Blue + 2 yellow), no ear laser holes, wristband for magic paste;

ThinkM: Five red laser holes, a single nose clip (red), no ear laser holes and pain plate, and a silicone wristband.

Compared with other brands of the same products, Suyzeko laser watch in addition to the laser head, strap using soft silica gel, with pain plate, its unique ear laser irradiation hole is also a big bright spot. Auricular laser irradiation can effectively treat tinnitus and otitis media.

The above is some analysis of some brands of laser watches, Hope it can help you.


Red Light:650nm

Blue Light:450nm(LED)

Yellow Light:590nm(LED)

Green Light:560nm(LED)