What is the safety level of the laser?

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The safety level of the laser – generally divided into 4 levels.

Class I: Low output laser (power less than 0.4mW). Basically it will not cause any harm to the eyes, and it can guarantee the safety of the design without special management.

Class II: Low-output visible laser (power: 0.4mW-1mW), usually less than 1mW, can cause dizziness and inability to think. Using closed eyes for protection can eliminate symptoms. Do not observe in the beam directly. Do not use a laser less than 1mW directly in the eyes of others, and avoid observing the Class II laser with a telescope.

Class III has levels IIIA and IIIB:

Class IIIA is a visible light continuous laser with an output of 1-5mW laser beam, avoiding observing the laser with afar-vision equipment. This may increase the risk. Like Class II, do not observe directly in the beam, nor use Class IIIA. The laser shines directly on the eyes of others.

Class IIIB is a continuous laser with 5-500mW. It is dangerous to observe directly in the beam. Do not use Class IIIB laser directly to other people’s eyes.

Class IV is a high-output continuous laser (more than 500mW). It is higher than the second stage. It has the risk of fire, and it is also dangerous for diffuse reflection. It is especially worth noting. Children should avoid watching lasers directly.

Summary: Class II, Class IIIA, Class IIIB, Class IV products have certain hazards. Please use them under guidance and supervision. Children should pay more attention. Please use them under the supervision of parents or other guardians.

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What is the laser therapy machine function?

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The function of the laser therapy machine.

1. reducing blood viscosity.

By improving the deformability of red blood cells, improving the aggregation of red blood cells and platelets, improving the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, restoring the original negative charge of red blood cells to normal and increasing the repulsive force between each other, the red blood cells gathered into groups were dispersed to reduce the blood viscosity.

2. reducing blood lipid.

It can activate a variety of enzymes in the blood and dissolve the excess fat in the blood and increase the blood oxygen content, thus accelerating free radical scavenging, interfering with lipid peroxidation and metabolism, reducing and removing cholesterol in blood vessels and reducing blood lipids.

3. prevent thrombosis.

It can reduce the vasoactive active substances, improve the vasoactive substances and reduce the content of thrombus in the blood. It is beneficial to prevent the occurrence of cardio cerebral thrombosis, such as cerebral apoplexy, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease and other diseases.

4. Treatment, prevention of hypertension and smooth blood pressure.

It can reduce blood viscosity, improve the aggregation of red blood cells and platelets, reduce blood viscosity, reduce peripheral resistance, reduce blood lipid, improve the elasticity of blood vessel wall, and restore normal blood pressure. Because peripheral resistance is reduced and heart load is reduced, it plays a role in stabilizing blood pressure.

5. Brain and memory enhancement.

A large number of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is consumed every day by mental workers. The generation of this energy must involve oxygen and glucose. Laser therapy instrument can improve the capacity of red blood cells to carry oxygen and release, so as to ensure that the brain has sufficient energy sources to achieve brain strengthening and memory enhancement purposes.

6. The clinical symptoms of Sub-health

Photons can stimulate phagocyte, increase its ability, accelerate the degradation of lipoprotein, reduce peripheral resistance, improve blood microcirculation, relieve the symptoms of the body, improve the activity endurance, and improve the subhealth symptoms such as dizziness, headache, chest tightness, shortness, stagnation, forgetfulness, drowsiness and weakness.

laser therapy machine function

laser therapy machine

laser therapy machine



7. reducing blood sugar

When laser irradiation, the blood absorption of laser energy can reduce the viscosity of blood, improve the deformability of red blood cells, improve the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, improve the state of anoxia, promote and restore the normal secretion of insulin, enhance the production of mitochondria and ATP, and reduce blood sugar.

Does the low level laser therapy device have side effects on the human body?

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The difference between high power laser low level laser is mainly the dose and the biological effect of laser irradiation.

Generally speaking, we call it “strong laser” or high power laser, which destroys tissue to achieve the purpose of curing diseases, such as cauterization, solidification, cutting and vaporization.

When weak laser acts on biological tissue, it will not cause irreversible damage to biological tissue, but will regulate the function of organism, so as to achieve the purpose of curing disease. Weak laser is also called low power laser, low intensity laser and low energy laser.

What is the principle of low level laser therapy?

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In the 80s of last century, “hypertension” was basically the disease of 50 and 60 years old people, but now 30, 40, even 20 years of age, “hypertension” everywhere, the cause of correction, is not the way of life, habits caused by! lllt laser therapy device

Unhealthy lifestyles, especially incorrect eating habits, cause “hypertension” diseases, namely hypertension, hyperlipidemia and high blood viscosity. These substances are originally the nutrients that the human body needs, but now too many, beyond the needs of the body, even the nutrients will become garbage, the body is toxic! The “wealth disease” that is called modern society may exist alone or interrelated, so it is urgent to reduce the “three high”. Now there is a new way of laser semiconductor therapeutic apparatus to treat “three high” in the market. What is the principle of it? lllt laser therapy device

We all know that blood is the source of human life. Through the blood, the human body supplies oxygen, nutrients, water, growth factors, antibodies and a variety of active enzymes for all tissues and cells of the body through blood, and also circulate the body’s metabolites through blood circulation. If the physiological function of the blood is abnormal and unclean, like a river full of silt, the metabolism of the human body will be disorganized and the organs of the human body will be diseased, and it is especially easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, high blood viscosity, etc.). Semiconductor laser low frequency therapeutic apparatus is designed to treat “three high” diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases through low intensity laser therapy. The principle is to irradiate the tissue of the human body by laser beam of semiconductor laser to reduce or eliminate the pain, improve the circulation of the local blood, repair the tissue and reduce the inflammation quickly. For “hypertension” patients, that is, hypertension, high blood viscosity and high blood fat can be used together, which has better adjuvant treatment effect. For example, Kangxing laser diode laser low frequency therapy instrument using 650nm this special wavelength laser, output power of 5mW, low intensity laser or weak laser, not only penetrate the body’s skin, fat, muscle, blood vessel wall and other tissues, but also do not harm the human tissue cells. The power density of the radiation is far less than the damage threshold of the body and blood. When the laser nose is irradiated, the laser penetrates the body of the human body without causing any damage to the body. lllt laser therapy device

Laser nasal irradiation is the biological stimulation of laser energy, stimulates the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves in the nasal cavity, makes the nasal mucosa vasoconstriction and dilatation, reflecting the cerebral blood circulation and the improvement of the whole body circulation, so as to assist in the treatment of blood pressure, blood lipid and blood viscosity.

Nowadays, there are many large hospitals in the use of laser low frequency therapy instrument for the “hypertension” auxiliary treatment, the effect is worth affirming, so as a non traumatic, painless, no cross infection green physical therapy, not only can be used in hospital clinical unit treatment, but also can enter the family, become the “hypertension” patients auxiliary treatment means.

SSCH tips: semiconductor laser low frequency therapy instrument using laser energy to stimulate the nasal mucosa, improve the hemorheological properties and microcirculation, combined with diet, psychology, exercise, medicine and other comprehensive treatment, can achieve twice the result of half the effort.

How does Low Level Laser Therapy work?

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The SSCH Low Level Laser Therapy effect is cold but not heat, so the photochemical process is affected by. The thermal laser in the medical field is used for surgical accuracy, while the cold laser is used for treatment accuracy. During the treatment of tissue with laser beam, the interaction between cells and photons occurs, resulting in photochemical reaction. Photons from laser affect cell level organization. The cold laser enters the tissue, changes the permeability of cell membrane, and absorbs into the mitochondria of cells at the cellular level, resulting in physiological changes, such as:

The cells grow rapidly. The laser accelerates the proliferation and growth of cells.

Faster wound healing. Laser stimulated the development of fibroblasts in damaged tissues. Shortening of recovery time is an important consideration.

Metabolic activity increased. It helps the body increase the output of specific enzymes, increase the content of oxygen in the blood and induce more effective immune response by laser.

Reduce the formation of fibrous tissue. Laser reduced scar tissue formed by cutting, scratching, burns or tissue damage after operation.

Anti-inflammatory effect. Laser reduces swelling caused by bruises or inflammation of joints, thereby improving joint activity.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Increase the vasoactivity. Laser stimulates lymph and blood circulation to make the affected tissue get the best circulation.

Stimulation of nerve function. Slow recovery of nerve function in damaged tissue can lead to “dead” limbs or numbness regions. Laser will speed up the process of reconnection of nerve cells, and restore the numbness area. Laser also increases the amplitude of action potential to optimize muscle movements.

These physiological changes affect the energy communication pathways of macrophages, fibroblasts, endothelial cells, mast cells, bradykinin, nerve conduction rate, and the whole fascial network (liquid crystal living cells). The energy transferred to cells can increase their kinetic energy and activate or inactivate enzymes, or alter the physical or chemical properties of the major macromolecules. Mitochondria are the powerful driving force of cells and make ATP necessary for every cell’s life enhancing process.

Studies show that the cells of your body are actually communicating with each other through coherent light. Therefore, Erchonia laser has such a positive effect on the body. Erchonia medical laser has a specific pulse, called Hertz, which can be programmed by laser frequency, so that doctors can talk with human body “cell speak”. Specific pulsation has been shown to produce different cellular physiological responses. It is very important to deal with various injuries and diseases to promote healing. When tissue is attacked or injured, cell metabolism decreases, and laser Instantly increases metabolism and cell communication. When this safe and effective way is applied, the reaction between doctors and patients is WOW.

How does SSCH Low Level Laser Therapy work?

what is your shipping?

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We can offer the door to door services by air or by sea, just depend on your actual request. Such as

DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX… by air; and the sea transportations.

How long of your delivery date?

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Usually it’s from 3 working days to 7 working days by DHL for the sample. If shipped by EMS, it might cost longer in time. Depends on which shipping method you choose. For big order, usually will need 10-30 days to produce them after payment and design confirmed.