Capillus laser treatment

Capillus laser treatment. Laser medicine originated in the 60’s, that is, soon after the advent of laser, and medicine together. This is a new combination of laser technology and medicine. Weak laser treatment is one of the branches, is the use of low-energy laser on the lesion site or nerve reflex zone irradiation, stimulate the biological tissue or cells to make changes. At present, with the laser treatment technology continues to progress, laser treatment of hair loss in the energy efficiency revealed that the market is gradually development.

Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration confirmed that Capillus’s weak laser treatment (LLLT) male and female male hormone-induced hair loss device can be used in the home, which is a Capcap cap called Capillus.

Capillus laser treatment caps.

Treatment of male and female hair loss of the 272 red laser diode.
Capillus has three laser caps: capillus 272, capillus202, and capillus82. The Capillus272 has 272 red (650 nm) low-energy laser diodes. Patients choose different laser caps according to their own situation, without having to see a doctor. These weak laser diodes are designed in an ordinary baseball cap or hood.

This is not the first laser germinal equipment, as early as a few years ago, NASA scientists (NASA) scientists Dr. Tamim Hamid invented a weak laser technology can cover the entire head of the helmet, called “silk if Get “(English name: Theradome). It uses 678nm wavelength of weak laser can penetrate the skin to reach the hair follicle, stimulate the atrophic hair follicles into the active growth state. In June 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the “Silk” laser helmet as the first non-prescription medical device with therapeutic effects on seborrheic alopecia. This major breakthrough has become the focus of the world’s media. The United States Fox FOX, CBS, ABC television, China Central Television CCTV news channels and so on this product has done a related report.Capillus laser treatment.

Of course, optimistic about the laser treatment of hair loss market also has Chinese enterprises, in 2016 Shenzhen International Mobile Health Care Industry Expo. Domestic enterprises also show the domestic laser hair and the instrument, a called “i dark” smart laser helmet. This laser helmet is also used 650nm laser, the 200 laser diode integrated in the hair helmet, the radiation covering the entire scalp, from a technical point of view, nor inferior to foreign.

According to OFweek laser network editor understand that only in China, hair loss has about 200 million people. And our male hair loss rate of nearly 20%, and the incidence rate of at least 15% per year rate of increase. At present, many 80 or even 90 after the students, also joined the hair loss ranks. Obviously, laser treatment of hair loss will be a huge market segment, if the laser hair treatment is reliable and safe, the future prospects will be worth looking forward to. Capillus laser treatment

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