Hypertensive patients are often confused by fluctuations in blood pressure because doctors always warn patients to maintain a steady decline in blood pressure. But in fact, fluctuations in blood pressure can be said to be inevitable.

By the body of the biological clock control, the body of many life activities in a day showing a cyclical change. We call this feature a circadian rhythm. By its impact, people’s blood pressure also showed circadian rhythm changes. The study found that blood pressure in the day, not only with the time, the physiological state of the different fluctuations, amplified to a year, blood pressure will also fluctuate with the seasons.

People in the excitement, fear and exercise when the blood pressure can be significantly increased, when the excitement, nervousness or stop the movement, the blood pressure and rapid decline; sleep blood pressure will be reduced, and wake up when the blood pressure will immediately rise; Decline will lead to increased blood pressure, lower ambient temperature and lower blood pressure. In addition, blood pressure can also be smoking, drinking, drinking coffee and other factors caused by temporary changes.

There are fluctuations, blood pressure type 4

With the 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring technology widely carried out, found that blood pressure often show diurnal changes and fluctuations in the rhythm. According to the different fluctuations in day and night, the medical profession will be divided into four types of blood pressure –
Dipper blood pressure. Normal adult blood pressure and more performance during the day and night low, and early morning before and after the awakening of blood pressure will rapidly increase, then gradually decreased blood pressure, late to the night is often the lowest. Night sleep, blood pressure decreased by 10% to 20% during the day. Due to circadian blood pressure dynamic curve resembles the ladle, it is called dipper blood pressure.

Non-dipper type. No significant decline in blood pressure at night, that is, less than 10% decline in blood pressure at night, known as non-dipper type.

Anti-dipper type. Night blood pressure than the day even higher 5%, medically known as anti-dipper type.

Deep dipper type or super dipper type. Night blood pressure was significantly reduced, more than 20% decline over the day, known as deep dipper type or super dipper type;

In addition, if the morning blood pressure higher than the average blood pressure at night 30%, known as morning hypertension. In general, non-dipper blood pressure rhythm in the high blood pressure and the elderly are more common, this is an abnormal blood pressure circadian rhythm.

Blood pressure fluctuations, medication methods

The rhythm of circadian fluctuations in human blood pressure has important clinical significance. It has been confirmed that, regardless of the mean blood pressure of patients, if the nighttime blood pressure is not significantly lower than the daytime, the target organ damage than the dipper type of severe blood pressure, left ventricular hypertrophy, impaired renal function and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications can be significant Increased; super dipper type of hypertension can increase the incidence of nocturnal ischemic stroke; and early morning hypertension, the so-called “morning peak phenomenon” is the risk of stroke and myocardial infarction independent risk factors. Therefore, antihypertensive drugs should be based on blood pressure day and night changes and fluctuations in rhythm to use.

Choose long-acting antihypertensive drugs. In order to reduce blood pressure fluctuations, the current do not advocate the use of short-acting antihypertensive drugs, which is short-acting antihypertensive drugs for a short time, taking many times a day, will observe the blood pressure from high to low, and then from low to high changes Process, artificially caused by large fluctuations in blood pressure, but will have a negative impact on the target organ of hypertension. In order to achieve a smooth, sustained blood pressure and achieve blood pressure standards, the current multi-advocated the use of effective control of 24-hour blood pressure long-acting antihypertensive drugs, such as amlodipine, levocapine, perindopril, benazepril and vals Tan, olmesartan, candesartan and so on.

Adjust medication time. In view of 24-hour blood pressure fluctuations and variability, general dipper hypertrophy can be used in the morning medication, this can also reduce the occurrence of morning hypertension Non-dipper or anti-dipper hypertensive patients, if necessary, consider taking meals after dinner, so that the control of night blood pressure is effective. On the contrary, if it is deep dipper type or super dipper hypertensive patients, should be used in the morning medication, do not take in the evening, so as to avoid excessive reduction of blood pressure at night induced ischemic stroke.

Does the cold laser therapy watch help control blood pressure? As the body of various impurities together, adhere to the inner wall of the blood vessels, so that the inner wall of the vessel becomes small, narrow, blood through the pressure on the wall of the blood vessels increased, resulting in peripheral resistance is too high. Prolonged the formation of hypertensive heart disease. As the blood vessel wall for a long time on the blood of nutrients can not be effectively normal absorption, blood vessels in anoxic state, loss of its elasticity, easy to rupture.

Cold Laser therapy watch through the vascular wall of the ablation of impurities, decomposition of the internal wall of the blood vessels to restore the original space, so that the blood through the smooth change, reduce blood pressure on the blood vessel wall, thereby improving and maintaining blood pressure, Kidney damage.

In short, patients with hypertension in the treatment process should actively cooperate with the doctor, under the guidance of a doctor choose a reasonable antihypertensive drugs, regular monitoring of blood pressure, timely adjustment of medication time, dose and drugs, blood pressure variability may be reduced to cardiovascular risk lowest.

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