According to Harvard University recently released the latest research report, only 25% of people in the sudden heart attack before no sign. Here is the Harvard University summed up the seven dangerous signals, understand them, maybe you can save a life — you or your loved ones.

1. shoulder, neck, chin or arm pain

Chest pain is one of the most common and well-known heart disease phenomena, and because of this, it is easy to overlook other similar information: such as the shoulder, neck and other pain. In fact, the body will be caused by the heart of the pain signal through the nerve up and down to the spinal cord around the radiation range, including the vicinity of the King. Therefore, the heart after the problem, you will feel the neck, chin and even the ears may feel pain. This pain may be sharp, but it may only be faint pain, so that you think it is just a simple muscle strain. Of the patients who died of heart disease, more than 50% of people were attacked by heart disease for the first time. In fact, a clear understanding of these pain is the key to rapid healing, unfortunately, it is difficult to shoulder pain and heart disease linked.

Features: these small local pain is easy to be ignored by the patient, but not without a trace to find. For example, when you find the neck a little bit of pain, and then to the next day the neck is not hurt, and can be the third day of the ear or chin but began to pain up, then it means that your heart artery problems The

Response: If you continue to hurt a few days are not good, then you can rest assured to eat painkillers. If the pain is transferred up and down, then you can get to the hospital.

2.Anxiety and insomnia

These two phenomena show that you have come to the heart of the lack of oxygen supply stage. In fact, through a number of surveys found that people with heart disease in the review of the disease will mention their own in the first few months to confirm the sudden feeling of extreme anxiety, and frequent insomnia. Once you feel the above symptoms, and this is the body to inform you that the hospital to check the problem, pro.LASER THERAPY MACHINE

Characteristic: never insomnia you do not experience any memorable or exciting things suddenly insomnia, then you need to pay attention. Insomnia is not just have to sleep, it may be in the middle of the night there is no sign of awakening. In addition, in the middle of the night thinking Pentium or can not explain the fear is the same as to remind you of the heart of the clues.

Coping: ask yourself, whether the anxiety is due to the pressure of recent work or life is not liking. If you exclude these, then you need to go to the hospital to check your heart.

3. Extreme fatigue

If you have a few days, weeks or even months of overwhelming fatigue, then this declaration of your heart is a problem. Of course, maybe you will say that a cold will feel tired, but the persistence of fatigue is not simply caused by the virus. According to the US National Institutes of Health report, more than 70% of women in the confirmation of heart disease before a few weeks will be extremely tired.

Features: fatigue is sudden, and there is no intense exercise, lack of sleep or illness and other incentives. Often, you will have a new day as usual, but soon you will fall into extreme fatigue and you will not be able to mention your spirit in the afternoon. In addition, the heavy limbs are another signal.

Response: hurry to go to the hospital check it.

4. nausea, stomach pain, indigestion

If you have any of these reactions without any obvious reason, then you are most likely to have a problem with the cardiovascular, which causes gastrointestinal discomfort. Arteries due to fat sediment clogging will reduce or even block blood transmission to the heart, which can cause angina. These symptoms are the most common in some of the women who thought it was a minor problem, so as to avoid going to the clinic or the hospital. This is why in the past year, 42% of women died because of heart disease, while only 24% of men died of heart disease in the same period.

Features: When you have the above symptoms, timely rest will help you relieve discomfort. If it is a sign of heart disease, these symptoms will not last for a long time, but will always be repeated. So, once you have eaten the habit of taking antacids in the past, and so on, and soon after the recurrence of the words, then we must consider the heart problem.

Response: Take a few days to observe your symptoms, healthy diet, and thus determine not stomach or food problems. If the symptoms still exist, please go to the hospital for professional gastrointestinal examination, do not forget to remind the doctor to take into account the heart of the problem.

5. heartbeat intensified, violent or irregular

Suddenly, or no reason for the heartbeat intensified, irregular heartbeat can be a few weeks before the heart attack or a month or two to remind you: you have to pay attention. If only the arrhythmia, and not accompanied by accelerated heartbeat, then the situation is also slightly better, but once the heartbeat is not the same time accompanied by the heart rate per minute to speed up (that is, medical ventricular tachycardia), then The body has made it clear that you should go to the hospital. Especially after exercise, in the event of ventricular tachycardia, it is likely to suddenly died in a short time. So be sure to seek help in the shortest possible time.

Features: The above symptoms are easily confused with panic attacks (a condition, also known as acute anxiety). Often, there is no obvious incentive to cause sudden cardiac arrest and arrhythmia, but there is a ventricular tachycardia caused by intense exercise. When these phenomena lasted 1 to 2 minutes later, dizzy weakness also followed laser therapy machine.

Response: seek medical attention immediately.

6. Unusual excessive sweating

When you do not exercise for a while but suddenly sweat, then this is often your heart before the onset of a signal. For women, the feeling is more like a menopausal hot flashes or night sweats. According to the University of Chicago study, before the heart attack, the body such as the neck, back, scalp, palms or feet will be a lot of sweating.

Characteristics: similar to the symptoms of colds, but not caused by colds, usually last for more than a week, or in a very long time repeated, these are signs of heart problems.LASER THERAPY MACHINE

To deal with: to determine their own is not a cold, if not, the hospital welcome you.

7. difficulty breathing, dizziness, it is difficult to take a deep breath

Harvard University, the latest study pointed out that heart disease is not more quietly

When you feel it is difficult to take a deep breath, you may think it is your lung problems, but this may also be due to heart weakness and lead to less oxygen in the blood of the results. Officials think that breathing difficulties, shortness is usually the first sign of a series of heart disease. In a study in Harvard, 40% of women with heart disease had a short breath before 6 months of confirmation.LASER THERAPY MACHINE

Features: You will feel like you can not breathe more oxygen at high altitudes. You will feel the head is very light, and even dizzy. Persistent asthma or lung discomfort can also make you wonder if it is a heart problem.

Response: shortness of breath may be the problem of the lungs may also be the heart of the problem, in order to avoid dragging to the back, early inspection is king.

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