The development of Laser therapy Biology !

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Laser is one of the great inventions of mankind in the 20th century and is widely used in many fields. The clinical value of laser therapy watch low-intensity laser irradiation has been confirmed at home and abroad. Mainly used in the treatment of brain diseases, psoriasis, rhinitis embolism. According to health medicine found that low-intensity laser therapy watch in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and post-onset recovery period has a good effect, for health has a certain role.

As early as 1961, the United States began research on laser biology. 1962 Germany Bessis et al published the “laser on the role of blood cells.” 1965 Hungarian Mestez studied the biological effects of He-Ne laser, and summed up the He-Ne laser on the role of biological law, and that it has to relieve pain, accelerate wound healing, reduce scar tissue and other effects. In 1963 McGuff published the “Laser Biological Effects”, Goldman published “the role of laser beam on the skin,” Fine published “laser biological effects.” 1970 years ago the Soviet Union BoPoHNHA and other applications He-Ne laser treatment of hypertension and other medical diseases, yremypatoba reported irradiation points and reflex zones in the treatment of hypertension in 118 cases. Of which 108 cases of blood pressure returned to normal. 1972 Bopohnha reported treatment of bronchitis, the results of 21 cases immediately effective, vital capacity increased by 30%. In 1973, Austria Plog used laser proxy acupuncture to do the experiment, and in 1975 made the first He-Ne laser acupuncture instrument for meridian acupuncture treatment of disease success. This therapy, in Europe and Asia, has been widely used, accumulated a lot of data, there are hundreds of evidence-based medical laboratory to confirm its clinical efficacy, has published more than a thousand research reports. Thus, this low-intensity laser is an effective treatment. In 1985, held in Japan, low-intensity laser therapy watch medical applications will be to prove that low-intensity laser treatment research has been extended to the peripheral nervous system, the immune function, the inflammatory process, the experimental wound healing regularity , Promote bone cell regeneration and other fields.

In the 1970s, China began to use laser acupuncture in clinical, including internal and external, women, children, otorhinolaryngology, dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology and neurology more than 200 kinds of diseases, have achieved a certain effect. As the laser acupuncture treatment of painless, no infection, no obvious contraindications, very suitable for the elderly and infirm, children and halo needle patients. Acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma, hypertension, trigeminal neuralgia, facial paralysis, shoulder arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fetal position is not correct, postpartum urinary retention are very indications. Laser acupoint anesthesia for tooth extraction, tonsil surgery, thyroid surgery, hernia repair, gastric resection and so on are all concerned about the obligations of domestic and foreign workers.

laser therapy watch

The new Blood Glucose Blood Pressure Reducing Laser Therapy Watch

Common laser therapy watch?can set their own time, each time press the time key to display the time increased by 10 minutes, the laser intensity is divided into five. Generally recommended for each 30 minutes, once a day. In the course of treatment, the use of laser therapy watch can be due to the length of the course of the disease, the difference between the different physical and physical differences in the time to make the appropriate adjustments, the initial user in general treatment 10-15 minutes / nasal cavity, once a day can. Such as longer course of illness or more severe cases can increase the treatment time, every day can be increased sooner or later. Recommended 3 hours before going to bed to do, not to sleep time to do, such as the weaker body, should be from a short time, low intensity step by step treatment.
In general, low-intensity lasers cause biological effects, gradually increasing from day 3, reaching the maximum at days 10-15, and after stimulation, the effect will gradually diminish until it is suppressed. So the general laser therapy watch to 10-15 days for a course of treatment, the middle rest 5-7 days and then the second course of treatment.


1. Do not look directly or observe the beam directly through an optical instrument !!
2. Be sure to place this product in a child’s reach of the place, so as not to play when the children hurt the eyes.
3. may interfere with the work of the heart pacemaker, it is recommended to wear heart pacemaker patients with caution this product.
4. elderly patients and sensitive people should start from the low-power section between the treatment, when the body gradually improve the power after treatment, 1-2 times a day,time is 30 minutes is appropriate.
5. Treatment should also pay attention to the reasonable adjustment of dietary structure, supplemented by appropriate exercise to strengthen the body’s metabolism.
6. Be sure to use the charger and other accessories specifically for this instrument, and do not allow unauthorized use.
7. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients first use this product, please do not privately reduce the amount of drugs or stop drug treatment, when the symptoms have improved significantly, only in the doctor’s instructions below the gradual reduction or withdrawal.
8. contraindications: pregnancy, cancer, suffering from hemorrhagic disease.

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