Laser therapy watch?irradiation of blood changes hemorheological properties and improves hemodynamics¬†Blood flow state is the body’s normal physiological function and defense function of the important protection, only the blood circulation continue to be carried out in order to ensure that the organ tissue to the normal blood perfusion, timely supply of oxygen and nutrients, discharge the body metabolites.

Hemorheology is closely related to vascular structure, cardiac function and rheological properties of the blood itself. Many diseases can cause changes in blood rheology, such as arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, blood diseases and cancer cell metastasis. Blood viscosity is an important parameter in hemorheology, many factors that affect blood viscosity, such as hematocrit, erythrocyte aggregation index, erythrocyte deformability, plasma viscosity, temperature and smoking, drinking and so on.

Medical experiments confirmed that weak laser irradiation of blood, can reduce erythrocyte sedimentation, reduce erythrocyte aggregation, enhance erythrocyte deformability, reduce plasma fibrinogen levels, increase fibrinolytic activity and endogenous heparin, thereby reducing blood viscosity, In a low state, contribute to the red blood cells in the small blood vessels in the normal smooth flow, effectively prevent the formation of micro-thrombosis, tissue and tissue is conducive to blood perfusion. Laser blood irradiation, but also can a – antitrypsin and a2 – macroglobulin levels decreased, thus activating fibrinolysis, plasma fibrinogen levels decreased. Increased levels of endogenous heparin can bind to AT-III, significantly enhance the role of the latter, inhibit platelet aggregation and phospholipid absorption.

2. laser therapy watch irradiation of blood has the effect of anti-lipid peroxidation

Human normal metabolic activity can produce free radicals (ie, free radicals, including outer orbital with unpaired electrons of atoms, protons, molecules or atomic groups, its life is very short about 10-16 to 10-9 seconds. Its chemical properties are unstable, Activity, and can be with the body fat, protein, sugar and nucleic acid and other chain fast reaction.) A small amount of free radicals for life activities necessary, such as material synthesis, cell division, nerve excitability, drugs and toxic Biotransformation and so on.

When the oxygen free radicals and the elimination of the dynamic balance of the disorder (such as suffering from hypoxia must disease), the body will produce a lot of free radicals, which in addition to exacerbation of cerebrovascular disease, but also can damage the protein, nucleic acid, , While induced cancer, cerebral ischemia, heart disease, aging, cataract and other diseases. Under normal circumstances, the human body there is a natural scavenging free radical enzyme system, so that in a certain concentration of dynamic balance. Such as red blood cells within the SOD (superoxide dismutase) can remove O2 – catalase can remove hydrogen peroxide, glutathione peroxidase can remove hydrogen peroxide in lipid peroxides. One of the most important is the SOD, so to improve its activity, to reduce the mortality of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is very helpful, is commonly used in clinical detection means. Clinical trials have confirmed that patients with cerebral arteriosclerosis after 3 times the weak laser irradiation of blood can increase the blood SOD, which helps to remove too much free radicals in the body to avoid lipid peroxidation.

Why choose our laser therapy watch ?

Semiconductor laser therapy watch treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular surgery is from the beginning of laser acupuncture, since the blood after treatment with the light, the needle can only be used as adjuvant therapy.

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