In the elderly from the normal to the onset of a slow process, without any symptoms up to several years, or even decades, if not pay attention to prevention, treatment, eventually without exception, microvascular disease occurs, and finally lead to the occurrence of diabetes. If there is often no reason for fatigue, weight loss, sometimes diarrhea and constipation, middle-aged and urinating difficulties, in addition to prostatic hypertrophy, there may be a sweat there is a sweating, room temperature is not high and sweating, mainly Facial sweat. These are the aura of diabetes.

Patients with diabetes aura are caused by several factors.(LLLT)

(1) diabetes risk factors: such as diabetes genetic factors and impaired glucose tolerance.

(2) bad habits: overeating, life is not the law, not control diet, high protein, high fat, high sugar diet.

(3) lack of exercise, activity is too small: the intake of heat is greater than the trumpet of calories, the excess energy will become fat storage, resulting in various organ dysfunction,including islet cell function is alsodiminished, deliberately diabetes.

(4) obesity: a hundred diseases fat first, the world’s number of people who die fat is hungry starved to death more than twice the number. Obesity is one of the most important causes of type 2 diabetes. According to statistics, more than 40 years of age onset of diabetes and 2/3 of the people overweight before the onset of more than 10%.

(5) social and environmental factors: people are nervous, mood swings, heart pressure and sudden trauma andaccidents are likely to become a cause of diabetes.

Before being diagnosed with diabetes, such as glucose tolerance in 6.1-7.0mmol / L was sub-health installed him, at this stage if not timely treatment, the probability of occurrence of diabetes is 4.5 times the normal population. At this stage should be timely adjustment of mind, eat sweets, not overeating, appropriate exercise.

Treatment with low level laser therapy watch(lllt), can adjust and improve blood flow in a timely manner, lower blood lipids, anti-lipid peroxidation and improve microcirculation, so the sub-health state of diabetes can be placed into a further development of diabetes. Semiconductor low level laser therapy watch(lllt). nasal irradiation or radial artery laser irradiation treatment, once a day, every 30min-1h, the output power 3-4mw, 10-15 times as a course of treatment.

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