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“Three high” between the relationship

People popular to the “high blood lipids, high blood pressure, high blood sugar” as a typical representative of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases collectively referred to as “three high disease”
Hypertension refers to the systemic blood pressure in the circulatory system is higher than normal, usually refers to systemic arterial blood pressure, is a common clinical syndrome. Usually higher than 140/90 mm Hg for high blood pressure. Because it is unknowingly occurred, so called “quiet killer”.

Hyperlipidemia refers to blood cholesterol or triglycerides too high or high density lipoprotein cholesterol is too low, modern medicine called dyslipidemia. It is the leading factor leading to atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is the most risk factors. It is hidden, most of no clinical symptoms, it is called “invisible killer”.

Hyperglycemia is the body’s blood glucose content is higher than normal. Is the body of an independent existence of pathological changes, lesions in the blood, the nature of the lesion is blood glucose metabolism disorders.

Hyperlipidemia – the curse of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Blood lipids are commonly referred to as lipids contained in plasma, mainly including triglycerides, phospholipids, cholesterol, cholesterol esters and free fatty acids, and are closely related to triglycerides and cholesterol. Hyperlipidemia is usually no clinical symptoms, it is a stealth killer. Lipid in the vascular endothelium deposition caused by atherosclerosis, resulting in coronary heart disease, ischemic stroke and peripheral vascular disease. Hypertriglyceridemia can also cause acute pancreatitis, causing glucose metabolism disorders. Regardless of triglycerides or cholesterol abnormalities will affect the health. High cholesterol and arteriosclerosis are directly related to the 1913 Russian scientists found that cholesterol alone lead to atherosclerosis, after a hundred years, whether epidemiological evidence or evidence of animal experiments and evidence of human experiments have confirmed that cholesterol can independently lead to coronary Atherosclerosis. The relationship between cholesterol and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular is conclusive.

According to the report of the Ministry of Health’s 2006 cardiovascular disease, China has 10 million new cases of hyperlipidemia every year, and has shown a sustained growth trend. The medical expenses of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have been increasing year by year, and it is urgent to control hyperlipidemia.

In short, high blood lipids is an important reason for the development of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, control of blood lipids is the key to control atherosclerosis, control of blood lipids is also an important part of reducing the morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Hypertension, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes and other diseases are associated with hyperlipidemia, so that high blood lipids are cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

Hyperlipidemia is associated with hypertension

Many factors affect the increase in blood pressure, including vascular peripheral resistance, arterial wall elasticity, blood viscosity is an important factor in the formation of hypertension, and these three factors are directly related to hyperlipidemia.

Normal vascular intima is smooth and smooth, blood lipids in the arterial intima deposition can cause blood vessels atherosclerosis. Making the arterial endometrium was plaque thickening, eventually leading to vascular stenosis as well as complete blockage. Thus making the blood flow in the blood vessels when the peripheral resistance increases, the vascular wall elasticity weakened, blood pressure. When the blood lipids increased blood viscosity increased, so that poor blood flow, blood flow through the blood vessels can also cause blood pressure. Hyperlipidemia can also reduce the sensitivity of antihypertensive drugs, increasing the difficulty of antihypertensive therapy, so the treatment of hypertension should also reduce blood lipids.

Hyperlipidemia is associated with hyperglycemia

Many people with diabetes are associated with hyperlipidemia, so people usually diabetes and hyperlipidemia called sister disease, and that hyperlipidemia is a secondary cause of diabetes. According to statistics about 40% of diabetic patients with lipid metabolism disorders. Which is characterized by elevated triglycerides and high-density lipoprotein. Diabetes causes hyperlipidemia is due to diabetes, insulin deficiency, the body lipase activity is reduced, so easy to increase blood lipids. On the other hand, diabetes itself, in addition to glucose metabolism disorders also accompanied by fat, protein and water, dielectric disorders. Often free fatty acids mobilized from the fat library, so that the blood triglycerides and free fatty acid concentration increased. Another type of diabetic patients eat too much, less exercise, promote the body to increase lipid synthesis, which is caused by increased blood lipids. And obesity with hyperlipidemia, due to the relative reduction in the number of insulin receptors, resulting in insulin resistance, easy to induce diabetes. Increased blood lipids are also easy to cause heart and cerebrovascular complications.

Hypertension is associated with diabetes

Clinically, many hypertensive patients, especially obese type often accompanied by diabetes, and diabetes are more associated with high blood pressure, so the two called homologous diseases. The reasons are as follows:

Hypertension and diabetes may exist in the common genetic; Diabetic patients with blood pressure on the angiotensin sensitivity; diabetes can cause kidney damage, kidney damage can cause blood pressure. In addition, diabetic patients due to increased blood sugar, blood viscosity increased, vascular wall damage, increased vascular resistance, easy to cause high blood pressure.
It can be seen that hypertension and diabetes are associated with hyperlipidemia, so the prevention and treatment of hypertension and diabetes should also reduce blood lipids.

Does the lllt cold laser therapy watch help control blood pressure? As the body of various impurities together, adhere to the inner wall of the blood vessels, so that the inner wall of the vessel becomes small, narrow, blood through the pressure on the wall of the blood vessels increased, resulting in peripheral resistance is too high. Prolonged the formation of hypertensive heart disease. As the blood vessel wall for a long time on the blood of nutrients can not be effectively normal absorption, blood vessels in anoxic state, loss of its elasticity, easy to rupture.

LLLT Cold Laser therapy watch through the vascular wall of the ablation of impurities, decomposition of the internal wall of the blood vessels to restore the original space, so that the blood through the smooth change, reduce blood pressure on the blood vessel wall, thereby improving and maintaining blood pressure, Kidney damage.

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