About one-third of adults have had a dizziness experience, for a variety of reasons. Recently, the British “Daily Mail” wrote that the British neurologist David Hearst concluded the most common vertigo 8 kinds of causes.

1. drug side effects. Hypertensive drugs ACE inhibitors and amitriptyline and other antidep ressants, will lower blood pressure, induced dizziness. British Heart Association expert Natasha Stewart said that some heart disease patients will take diuretics dehydration, but also produce a sense of vertigo. Sedatives inhibit the central nervous system, so that brain activity slowdown, but also lead to a major factor in vertigo. And ease the nasal congestion of the drug so that blood vessels shrink, affect the brain oxygen caused by vertigo.

2. iron deficiency. Fatigue fatigue is a major symptom of anemia. Due to lack of iron, red blood cells, hemoglobin oxygen carrying reduction, cerebral blood oxygen deficiency, resulting in a sense of vertigo.

3. migraine. “The vertigo is often a precursor to migraine attacks because of the narrowing of the brain’s blood vessels and the reduction in blood flow,” said Professor Susan Haydn of the British Migraine Association.

4. the whole body scan. Magnetic resonance imaging scans may also cause dizziness. The human body is controlled by the inner ear, and the strong magnetic field generated by the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging scan can cause the inner ear to balance the organ imb-alance and cause the dizziness.

5. dehydration. Most of the brain by the water, the body once dehydrated, brain function will be abnormal. University of Connecticut Professor Lawrence Armstrong said that dehy-dration increased blood viscosity, body temperature, heart rate. Therefore, when the dizzy, may wish to drink a large glass of water to try.

6. heart and blood problems. Many vertigo is due to sudden reduction in blood pressure, the brain caused by short-term hypoxia. For example, suddenly get up or get up and so on.

7. swimming. Swimming is easy to lead to the ear into the water, once the water affects the inner ear balance organs, in the ears before the water completely dry, dizziness can last a few hours or even days. American ENT Association pointed out that before swimming and swimming, emotional stress will lead to cerebral blood oxygen decreased, followed by vertigo.

8. allergy. Peanuts, cats, dust and pollen and other allergens may also cause dizziness. Dr. Ariel Morris, an expert at the Allison Clinic in the UK, says allergies can cause mucus in the sinus andmiddle ear, affecting the internal organs of the inner ear, causing dizziness.

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