Nasal, radial artery, Neiguan point low level cold laser?

Low Level Cold laser nasal irradiation:

Because the nasal cavity is rich in blood vessels, blood vessels rich, deep nasal blood vessels can not go through the capillaries from the small arteries directly into the small veins (arteriovenous anastomosis), nasal mucosal vascular 60% through such arteriovenous anastomosis. Dretther and Aust suggest that turbulent tissue blood flow is more than the lungs, brain and muscle tissue, nasal cavity is rich in the nervous system, such as sensory nerve, olfactory nerve and autonomic nerve; immune mechanism, nasal lamina propria and submucosa There are many immune cells related to the plasma cells, lymphocytes, mast cells and the production of lytic cells of tissue cells, phagocytic cells, white blood cells and macrophages; nasal and cranial cavity are closely related, Lowtionin and other evidence, Mercury bromine red can spread to the arachnoid in minutes. Nasal mucosal lamina propria capillary endothelial cells in the epithelial cells and acinar around the very thin, the wall is porous, is the blood and tissue flow of the permeation barrier.

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