The SSCH Low Level Laser Therapy effect is cold but not heat, so the photochemical process is affected by. The thermal laser in the medical field is used for surgical accuracy, while the cold laser is used for treatment accuracy. During the treatment of tissue with laser beam, the interaction between cells and photons occurs, resulting in photochemical reaction. Photons from laser affect cell level organization. The cold laser enters the tissue, changes the permeability of cell membrane, and absorbs into the mitochondria of cells at the cellular level, resulting in physiological changes, such as:

The cells grow rapidly. The laser accelerates the proliferation and growth of cells.

Faster wound healing. Laser stimulated the development of fibroblasts in damaged tissues. Shortening of recovery time is an important consideration.

Metabolic activity increased. It helps the body increase the output of specific enzymes, increase the content of oxygen in the blood and induce more effective immune response by laser.

Reduce the formation of fibrous tissue. Laser reduced scar tissue formed by cutting, scratching, burns or tissue damage after operation.

Anti-inflammatory effect. Laser reduces swelling caused by bruises or inflammation of joints, thereby improving joint activity.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Increase the vasoactivity. Laser stimulates lymph and blood circulation to make the affected tissue get the best circulation.

Stimulation of nerve function. Slow recovery of nerve function in damaged tissue can lead to “dead” limbs or numbness regions. Laser will speed up the process of reconnection of nerve cells, and restore the numbness area. Laser also increases the amplitude of action potential to optimize muscle movements.

These physiological changes affect the energy communication pathways of macrophages, fibroblasts, endothelial cells, mast cells, bradykinin, nerve conduction rate, and the whole fascial network (liquid crystal living cells). The energy transferred to cells can increase their kinetic energy and activate or inactivate enzymes, or alter the physical or chemical properties of the major macromolecules. Mitochondria are the powerful driving force of cells and make ATP necessary for every cell’s life enhancing process.

Studies show that the cells of your body are actually communicating with each other through coherent light. Therefore, Erchonia laser has such a positive effect on the body. Erchonia medical laser has a specific pulse, called Hertz, which can be programmed by laser frequency, so that doctors can talk with human body “cell speak”. Specific pulsation has been shown to produce different cellular physiological responses. It is very important to deal with various injuries and diseases to promote healing. When tissue is attacked or injured, cell metabolism decreases, and laser Instantly increases metabolism and cell communication. When this safe and effective way is applied, the reaction between doctors and patients is WOW.

How does SSCH Low Level Laser Therapy work?

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