Wrist Cold Laser Therapy watch

 laser therapy watch laser treatment for pain and inflammation


Laser Therapy Watch Quick Details


Application range:hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia

Properties:Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Appearance:Laser Therapy watch

Brand Name:SSCH

Model Number:GY-L2


laser treatment watch

Laser Therapy Watch Application


1.High blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar, diabetes
2.high blood viscosity, cerebral thrombosis, stroke, sudden death
3.pain relief, sport injury, wound, joint pain, fracture, arthritis and all kinds of body pain
4.rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal polyps
5.hyperviscosity, hyperlipemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, cardiovascular and
cerebrovascular diseases

Laser Therapy Watch Wrist irradiation

Our device adopt 650nm laser irradiate the acupoint. It will penetrate our vessel wall.
We can absorb the laser energy to produce the lipopotein lypase, the lypase will decompose the fat

garbage in the blood so that improve the microcirculation.Improve the red blood cell carrying oxygen

capacity so as to purify the blood or hyperviscosity.improve the islet function, make the insulin secretion

to normal level.It can lower the hyperlipidemia,hyperglycemia, hypertention. Finally treat the diabetes.

laser therapy watch

Laser Therapy Watch Nasal cavity irradiation


Our nasal cavity have large number of the capillary.It’s more easy to stimulate the nasal nerve ,improve

the skull blood circulation and whole microciculation.Transport more oxygen and nutrition to our brain.

Finally prevent the cerebral thrombosis stroke, sudden death, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

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