As early as 1961, the United States began research on laser biology. 1962 Germany Bessis et al published the “laser on the role of blood cells.” 1965 Hungarian Mestez studied the biological effects of He-Ne laser, and summed up the He-Ne laser on the role of biological law, and that it has to relieve pain, accelerate wound healing, reduce scar tissue and other effects. In 1963 McGuff published the “Laser Biological Effects”, Goldman published “the role of laser beam on the skin,” Fine published “laser biological effects.” 1970 years ago the Soviet Union BoPoHNHA and other applications He-Ne laser treatment of hypertension and other medical diseases, yremypatoba reported irradiation points and reflex zones in the treatment of hypertension in 118 cases. Of which 108 cases of blood pressure returned to normal. 1972 Bopohnha reported treatment of bronchitis, the results of 21 cases immediately effective, vital capacity increased by 30%. In 1973, Austria Plog used laser proxy acupuncture to do the experiment, and in 1975 made the first He-Ne laser acupuncture instrument for meridian acupuncture treatment of disease success. This therapy, in Europe and Asia, has been widely used, accumulated a lot of data, there are hundreds of evidence-based medical laboratory to confirm its clinical efficacy, has published more than a thousand research reports. Thus, this low-intensity laser is an effective treatment. In 1985, held in Japan, low-intensity laser medical applications will be to prove that low-intensity laser treatment research has been extended to the peripheral nervous system, the immune function, the inflammatory process, the experimental wound healing regularity , Promote bone cell regeneration and other fields.

What is the Principle of Laser Therapy?

Semiconductor laser therapy technology refers to the use of laser generated biological stimulating effect, through the laser beam laser irradiation of human body lesions, to reduce or eliminate the pain, improve local blood circulation, tissue repair tissue, rapid anti-inflammatory effect.


Semiconductor laser therapy watch using a wavelength of 650nm light waves, known as the human gold band “light of life” reputation. The main laser for the near infrared band, can be deeply in the organization of the internal role of the body, so that the organization of good absorption of light energy, so that pain relief.

Therapeutic Effect

Improve local blood circulation

Semiconductor laser direct exposure to blood flow to reduce the pain or indirect exposure to control the range of sympathetic ganglia can cause increased blood flow, promote pain caused by metabolic metabolism, relieve pain.

Activation of the brain endorphin system

The body to accept the semiconductor laser irradiation can increase brain peptide metabolism, so that the release of morphine-like substances in the brain to speed up, and relieve pain.

Inhibition of nervous system conduction

The semiconductor laser therapy not only suppresses the conduction velocity of the stimulus, but also suppresses the intensity of the stimulus and the impulse frequency. Laser on the pain caused by stimulation of peripheral nerve impulses, conduction velocity, intensity and impulse frequency are inhibited

Activate the downstream suppression system

Laser irradiation can be transmitted to the posterior horn of the spinal cord, while activating the downstream inhibition system.

Organization repair

Laser irradiation can promote neovascularization and granulation tissue hyperplasia, stimulate protein synthesis. Capillary is one of the basic components of granulation tissue, is the prerequisite for the completion of wound healing, granulation tissue capillary more rich, the organization more oxygen supply, contribute to a variety of tissue repair cell metabolism and maturation, promote collagen fibers Generation, deposition and crosslinking.

Biological regulation

Laser irradiation, can enhance the body’s immune function, regulate endocrine, blood cells can also achieve a two-way regulatio.

Technical Advantages

1, light tissue penetration depth of 7CM, resulting in multiple light effects, at the same time have a good effect of blood circulation.
2, the beam on the nerve and tissue without any damage, high safety, no side effects.
3, the treatment is convenient, the treatment time is short, the effect is remarkable.

Applicable Condition

For rheumatoid rheumatism, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, knee disease, frozen shoulder, joint pain, bone pain, soft tissue pain, soft tissue injury, acute lumbar sprain and reduce high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood sugar etc.

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