The high degree of fatigue has become the common symptoms of the current crowd, a high degree of fatigue, the most typical symptoms of sub-health, Semiconductor laser therapy watch can adjust the symptoms of fatigue.

The high degree of fatigue (heart and physical high load), which is the most typical sub-health symptoms, fatigue in today’s’society is the most common phenomenon. Shanghai Medical University made a survey, the results found that 18-25 year-old young people in nearly 1/3 of the long-term fatigue in varying degrees, of which the proportion of eye fatigue as high as 47.1%. Fatigue caused by immune function decline, is the incidence of disease increased. 30-50 years of age in young patients, fatty liver patients have reached 11.2%, 10-30 years of age than the proportion of tumors than 5 years ago increased by 10%. With excessive brain, lack of sleep, reduce people’s life. Shanghai in 1994 the average age of scientific and technical personnel died 67 years older than other people died prematurely 3.26 years, of which 15.6% occurred in the 35-54 age group.

Fatigue mainly for dizziness, head swelling, sleep is not good, irritability, palpitation, shortness of breath, arrhythmia,

limb pain, weakness, slow response.

If the above symptoms, then change the rest (including physical, heart and brain, with the eye). This is going through the appropriate physical activity, physical labor, listening to music, instrumental regulation of physical emotions, is the rhythm oflife regular, cheerful.

Semiconductor laser therapy watch, laser treatment using the mild well regulation of the autonomic nervous system, brain and improve the systemic circulation, improve red blood cell oxygen, tissues and cells to supply adequate oxygen and nutrients, improvement of sleep The Frequently used semiconductor laser output power of 3-5nw, irradiation 30min-1h, 1 day, 15 times as a course of treatment. The use of Semiconductor laser therapy watch process, the best continuous 7-10 days after the break for some time to continue to use.

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