SSCH will Participate in The 78th China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo

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The 78th China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Exhibiton:

China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF),- low level light laser therapy device- founded in 1979, the annual spring and autumn, after 30 years of continuous innovation, self-improvement, has become the Asia-Pacific region’s largest medical equipment and related products, services exhibition. The exhibition covers a wide range of products including medical imaging, in vitro diagnostics, electronics, optics, first aid, rehabilitation care and medical information technology, outsourcing services, direct and comprehensive services in the medical device industry from the source to the end of the entire medical industry chain.

Each of more than 20 countries from more than 2,000 medical device manufacturing enterprises and more than 100 countries and regions over 12000 times the government agencies procurement, hospital buyers and dealers gathered CMEF transactions, exchange; with the exhibition more CMEF has been the largest professional medical procurement trade platform in the medical industry, and the best corporate image has been published. The CMEF has become the largest professional medical procurement trade platform in the medical industry. As well as professional information distribution center and academic and technical exchange platform

2017 The 78th China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo will be held from October 29 to November 1, 2017 at the Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center in Kunming.

we will show our low level light laser therapy device in the Exhibition.The low level light laser therapy device is good for us to keep us away from Sub-health.And we will provide free health care test service for you.

The 78th China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo In Kunming City, Yunnan Province will coming.

Our company (SSCH) will show our product in in Exhibition Stand No.


What is the difference between LLLT watch and laser for surgery?

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Laser medical treatment is one of the important contents of laser medicine. According to the different effects of low level laser on organism, low level laser is divided into two kinds of “strong laser” and “low level laser”, so it is divided into “surgery” in laser treatment, Treatment and “non-surgical” treatment of two aspects. Therefore, learning laser treatment must understand the basics of laser in order to better use laser treatment of various diseases.

In medicine, due to strong laser and low level laser biological mechanism of different, so the clinical application and basic research in the purpose and methods are different, then the strong and low level laser how to distinguish it? In this issue, the academic knowledge is not very uniform, it is called strong laser “high power” or “high energy”, “high intensity” laser; then, low level laser becomes “low power”, “low energy” or ” Low-intensity “laser. We believe that the mere use of the laser’s own physical parameters to measure the strength of the laser is not accurate, such as how much, how much energy intensity is considered “strong”? How many count “low level”? Difficult to master. Other scholars have suggested that the biological effects of laser and biological tissue should be used to distinguish the strength of the laser is more appropriate, the following we use this point of view to define the medical strong laser and low level laser.

1. powerful laser irradiation biological tissue if the direct cause of the biological tissue irreversible damage, then the affected area of ??the laser called “strong laser”.

2. low lever laser If the biological tissue of the laser does not directly cause irreversible damage to the biological tissue, the laser at this exposed area is called “low level laser”.

Strong laser is mainly used for surgical treatment, that is, with the “light knife” on the affected area for cutting, vaporization and coagulation therapy. Weak lasers are used for radiation therapy and acupuncture (light needle) treatment, the purpose is to promote cell growth and adjustment function. The former is “destroyed”, the latter is “repair”, but both are for the treatment of the disease. It is important to note that the use of laser photodynamic therapy for tumors, although also caused by irreversible damage to biological tissue (such as tumor disappearance after irradiation), but it is due to the participation of photosensitizer, rather than laser directly caused by irreversible damage, it is still low level laser.


Why is the elderly prone to hyperviscosity?

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Now more and more elderly people suffering from high blood viscosity, hyperlipidemia, etc., many people do not understand why so many elderly people will be prone to high blood viscosity it? Professional physicians give the following explanation:

The elastic wall of the elderly gradually diminished, the lumen slowly narrowed, coupled with the red blood cell aggregation and deformation with age can also change, so the cells are easy to close each other close, causing increased blood viscosity, thus So that blood flow slowed down, and even lead to the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

At the same time, increased blood viscosity in the elderly and plasma protein (globulin, fibrin) and lipid (triglyceride, cholesterol) increased. In addition, when the blood contains more foreign body or metabolites (such as vascular wall shedding epithelial cells, attached to the blood vessel wall and shedding of lipid, etc.), the fibrin and platelets gathered around the foreign body, and wrapped them Up, so easy to form thrombosis, and affect the normal operation of blood speed, increase blood viscosity. These thrombus is like a time bomb buried in the body, when the emboli increased or suddenly into a smaller arterial blood vessels, it may block the blood vessels, resulting in tissue ischemia, hypoxia, necrosis, leading to cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction , Infarctous vasculitis and other diseases.

cold laser therapy watch

laser therapy watch



cold laser therapy watch

Professional physicians also introduced to regulate the elderly cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease treatment prevention approach:

First: the five principles of exercise for the elderly

First, should focus on the choice of cardiovascular and cardiovascular health benefits of sports, such as jogging, walking and so on. Each exercise time is about 30 to 60 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week, should not be too violent. Those who are older or who are less physically fit can reduce exercise time and intensity.
The same time as
Second, the elderly still have to pay attention to weight training. Weight training to slow bone loss, prevent muscle atrophy, maintain organ function will play a positive role. Elderly people should choose lightweight, safe weight training, such as holding a small sandbag, holding a small barbell, pull light spring, etc., each exercise time should not be too long.

Third, we should pay attention to maintaining the “balance” of physical exercise. Physical exercise “balance” should include muscle stretching, weight training, flexibility training and cardiovascular movement and many other sports, as to how to match, depending on individual circumstances.

Fourth, the elderly and physical weakness should also participate in the appropriate amount of sports, because sedentary for the body more harm. Such elderly people should choose a smaller range, with their own body to adapt to the movement, such as walking instead of running or aerobics.

Fifth, we must pay attention to the psychological factors related to exercise. As the elderly are weak, poor physical fitness, many people exercise will produce fear of distress, this will greatly reduce the effect of exercise. Therefore, the elderly exercise should have the right attitude: only to adhere to exercise to play the role of physical fitness.

Second: the use of semiconductor cold laser therapy watch treatment. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease must be done, but for many have been suffering from high blood viscosity, high blood lipids and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, but also according to the doctor to guide the use of drugs and laser therapy watch treatment, laser therapy watch Is the use of wavelength of 650nm laser irradiation wrist radial artery, Neiguan and nasal blood vessels, through the photochemical effects and biological effects, the blood lipid, blood glucose metabolism is improved, thereby enhancing the red blood cell oxygen carrying capacity and deformation capacity, Reduce triglycerides, cholesterol and low density lipoprotein, thereby reducing blood lipids, blood viscosity, lower blood pressure, improve blood sugar, to achieve the treatment of “three high disease” and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes purposes.

The use of cold laser therapy watch in the process of improvement in the physical condition, you can according to the doctor told to reduce or stop medication, laser treatment instrument in the blood lipids, blood viscosity is normal, it is recommended to stop nasal laser irradiation mode, continue to choose radial artery and Neiguan acupoint laser treatment mode, play a consolidation effect and health effects.

Cold laser therapy watch is a good choice.


Low Level Cold Laser irradiation of the nasal cavity, radial artery, Neiguan point mechanism and role?

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Nasal, radial artery, Neiguan point low level cold laser?

Low Level Cold laser nasal irradiation:

Because the nasal cavity is rich in blood vessels, blood vessels rich, deep nasal blood vessels can not go through the capillaries from the small arteries directly into the small veins (arteriovenous anastomosis), nasal mucosal vascular 60% through such arteriovenous anastomosis. Dretther and Aust suggest that turbulent tissue blood flow is more than the lungs, brain and muscle tissue, nasal cavity is rich in the nervous system, such as sensory nerve, olfactory nerve and autonomic nerve; immune mechanism, nasal lamina propria and submucosa There are many immune cells related to the plasma cells, lymphocytes, mast cells and the production of lytic cells of tissue cells, phagocytic cells, white blood cells and macrophages; nasal and cranial cavity are closely related, Lowtionin and other evidence, Mercury bromine red can spread to the arachnoid in minutes. Nasal mucosal lamina propria capillary endothelial cells in the epithelial cells and acinar around the very thin, the wall is porous, is the blood and tissue flow of the permeation barrier.


What is the effect of laser therapy watch irradiation on blood?

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Laser therapy watch?irradiation of blood changes hemorheological properties and improves hemodynamics Blood flow state is the body’s normal physiological function and defense function of the important protection, only the blood circulation continue to be carried out in order to ensure that the organ tissue to the normal blood perfusion, timely supply of oxygen and nutrients, discharge the body metabolites.

Hemorheology is closely related to vascular structure, cardiac function and rheological properties of the blood itself. Many diseases can cause changes in blood rheology, such as arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, blood diseases and cancer cell metastasis. Blood viscosity is an important parameter in hemorheology, many factors that affect blood viscosity, such as hematocrit, erythrocyte aggregation index, erythrocyte deformability, plasma viscosity, temperature and smoking, drinking and so on.

Medical experiments confirmed that weak laser irradiation of blood, can reduce erythrocyte sedimentation, reduce erythrocyte aggregation, enhance erythrocyte deformability, reduce plasma fibrinogen levels, increase fibrinolytic activity and endogenous heparin, thereby reducing blood viscosity, In a low state, contribute to the red blood cells in the small blood vessels in the normal smooth flow, effectively prevent the formation of micro-thrombosis, tissue and tissue is conducive to blood perfusion. Laser blood irradiation, but also can a – antitrypsin and a2 – macroglobulin levels decreased, thus activating fibrinolysis, plasma fibrinogen levels decreased. Increased levels of endogenous heparin can bind to AT-III, significantly enhance the role of the latter, inhibit platelet aggregation and phospholipid absorption.

2. laser therapy watch irradiation of blood has the effect of anti-lipid peroxidation

Human normal metabolic activity can produce free radicals (ie, free radicals, including outer orbital with unpaired electrons of atoms, protons, molecules or atomic groups, its life is very short about 10-16 to 10-9 seconds. Its chemical properties are unstable, Activity, and can be with the body fat, protein, sugar and nucleic acid and other chain fast reaction.) A small amount of free radicals for life activities necessary, such as material synthesis, cell division, nerve excitability, drugs and toxic Biotransformation and so on.

When the oxygen free radicals and the elimination of the dynamic balance of the disorder (such as suffering from hypoxia must disease), the body will produce a lot of free radicals, which in addition to exacerbation of cerebrovascular disease, but also can damage the protein, nucleic acid, , While induced cancer, cerebral ischemia, heart disease, aging, cataract and other diseases. Under normal circumstances, the human body there is a natural scavenging free radical enzyme system, so that in a certain concentration of dynamic balance. Such as red blood cells within the SOD (superoxide dismutase) can remove O2 – catalase can remove hydrogen peroxide, glutathione peroxidase can remove hydrogen peroxide in lipid peroxides. One of the most important is the SOD, so to improve its activity, to reduce the mortality of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is very helpful, is commonly used in clinical detection means. Clinical trials have confirmed that patients with cerebral arteriosclerosis after 3 times the weak laser irradiation of blood can increase the blood SOD, which helps to remove too much free radicals in the body to avoid lipid peroxidation.

Why choose our laser therapy watch ?

Semiconductor laser therapy watch treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular surgery is from the beginning of laser acupuncture, since the blood after treatment with the light, the needle can only be used as adjuvant therapy.


Semiconductor laser therapy watch to treat a high degree of fatigue

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The high degree of fatigue has become the common symptoms of the current crowd, a high degree of fatigue, the most typical symptoms of sub-health, Semiconductor laser therapy watch can adjust the symptoms of fatigue.

The high degree of fatigue (heart and physical high load), which is the most typical sub-health symptoms, fatigue in today’s’society is the most common phenomenon. Shanghai Medical University made a survey, the results found that 18-25 year-old young people in nearly 1/3 of the long-term fatigue in varying degrees, of which the proportion of eye fatigue as high as 47.1%. Fatigue caused by immune function decline, is the incidence of disease increased. 30-50 years of age in young patients, fatty liver patients have reached 11.2%, 10-30 years of age than the proportion of tumors than 5 years ago increased by 10%. With excessive brain, lack of sleep, reduce people’s life. Shanghai in 1994 the average age of scientific and technical personnel died 67 years older than other people died prematurely 3.26 years, of which 15.6% occurred in the 35-54 age group.

Fatigue mainly for dizziness, head swelling, sleep is not good, irritability, palpitation, shortness of breath, arrhythmia,

limb pain, weakness, slow response.

If the above symptoms, then change the rest (including physical, heart and brain, with the eye). This is going through the appropriate physical activity, physical labor, listening to music, instrumental regulation of physical emotions, is the rhythm oflife regular, cheerful.

Semiconductor laser therapy watch, laser treatment using the mild well regulation of the autonomic nervous system, brain and improve the systemic circulation, improve red blood cell oxygen, tissues and cells to supply adequate oxygen and nutrients, improvement of sleep The Frequently used semiconductor laser output power of 3-5nw, irradiation 30min-1h, 1 day, 15 times as a course of treatment. The use of Semiconductor laser therapy watch process, the best continuous 7-10 days after the break for some time to continue to use.

The relationship between low-intensity laser irradiation and sub-health

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World Health Organization (WHO) states: 21 of the world’s number one killer of threat to human disease is lifestyle, especially his prelude – sub-health. WHO estimates that at least 60% of all human beings are not sick but not healthy. Indicating that sub-health is now the enemy of the number one enemy.

Sub-health between health and disease, it is symptomatic, but no clinical disease diagnostic indicators, he was not alive and healthy, and by the “chronic pain” torture.

In ancient China, the “disease” and “disease” is divided into different meanings, “disease” refers to the small disease is not easy to detect, that is similar to the current “sub-health”, that is, but the body has been yin and yang, blood Dirty organs of the imbalance, such as this is not timely to be adjusted, it will become “disease.”

The causes of sub-health are roughly divided into the following six aspects.

(1) cause fatigue: including physical fatigue, mental fatigue and heart fatigue. Also includes pathological fatigue, such as hepatitis, diabetes, tuberculosis and so on. Life is not the law, such as early can not afford, do not sleep late, eat irregular, etc. also produce fatigue.

(2) lack of sleep (insomnia): such as long-term sleep disorders will inhibit the production of hormone secretion, leading to aging and organ dysfunction. Some people use the mouse to do the experiment, the outside interference will not let him sleep, the life of the grace that to maintain 2-3 weeks. Long-term sleep will cause depression, this depression is considered the first killer of heart disease, resulting in helplessness, despair and quarterly pain, 55% -65% of patients will appear suicidal behavior.

(3) diet is not control: overeating, partial eclipse and other bad habits will cause a series of sub-health status, such as obesity, hyperlipidemia, hyperviscosity, hyperglycemia, hypertension and so will appear. Diet is irrational, such as excessive intake of fat caused by overweight and obesity, these people than adults 4 times higher than normal, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are also higher than normal 4 times the risk of stroke 10 times higher than uremia 17 Times, the blindness rate of 25 times higher, 50% of high blood pressure, 40% of hyperlipidemia, other such as gallstones, ventilation, irregular menstruation, infertility, breast cancer also occurs.

(4) the amount of exercise is not appropriate: life is the movement, long-term non-movement, reduce human consumption, heat accumulation and fat, easy to induce the occurrence of the disease; not exercise, but excessive exercise, harmful to the human body, and even sudden death.

(5) heart imbalance: that is, heart disorder, but also one of the main causes of sub-health. China’s psychologists on more than 200 cases of hypertensive patients to investigate, suggesting that 74.5% of adverse heart factors, bad mood, long-term past can cause gastrointestinal ulcers, high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, and even cancer.

(6) Environmental impact: According to WHO statistics, the global health of 4 billion people each year by the impact of air pollution, should arouse our attention.

Sub-healthy people, most of the “three less one” and “six high and one low” performance. “Six high and one low”, refers to high fatigue, high body weight, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood viscosity and immune function Low. The above symptoms are blood unhealthy performance. laser therapy device Laser blood therapy is just symptomatic treatment, in fact, for low-intensity laser therapy device with diet, heart, exercise, drugs and other comprehensive treatment, the disease eliminated in the bud, can effectively deal with the harm to human sub-health, so that we Chongya health State back to health state.

Laser therapy device for the laser surface multi-channel irradiation method: radial artery + Neiguan points + nasal cavity, three-in-one, to Shenzhen Guangyang Zhongkang Technology Co., Ltd. R & D and production of laser therapy device laser therapy watch as the representative.