The “digital” secret of perfect health diet!

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Today, laser treatment device in the world set off a wave, laser treatment is also more and more popular, including laser therapy watch, laser therapy knee massage and other laser treatment device by the people love, no doubt laser therapy instrument can improve the body Healthy, but below I will give you a few recipes to share

Today, we are very concerned about diet health care, want to eat both nutrition and health. But most people focus on eating things, while ignoring the way and methods of eating. As everyone knows, if the diet method is not scientific, no matter how good the food is difficult to be absorbed. Today, we help you summarize a set of the best numbers for eating, so that you eat more healthy and more scientific.

Best breakfast time: 20 minutes after getting up Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, director of nutrition Zhao Xia: In general, get up after 20 to 30 minutes to eat breakfast the most appropriate, when people’s appetite is the most prosperous, digestion and absorption status is also the best level. Before breakfast, the best intake of at least 500 ml of water, can help digestion, but also for the body to add water, remove waste, reduce blood viscosity. Breakfast should contain bread, rice gruel and other carbohydrates; meat, eggs and other animal foods; milk, soy products and fresh vegetables, fruits and other four types of food. According to the number of food types to quickly assess the adequacy of breakfast nutrition. If the breakfast included the above four were nutrient-rich breakfast, three kinds of nutrition is more adequate, two or less of the following is not enough nutrition. Vegetables, fruits do not have too much, but not omission.

Recommended breakfast with the program:

Female: 1 cup of milk + 1 whole wheat bread + 1 carrots fried pork.

Students: 1 bowl of egg noodles +1 peach +1 cup milk; 10 am add a banana or yogurt.

Elderly: 1 part milk milk porridge +1 tofu; morning to add a banana or apple.

The best number of chewing: a meal to chew 30 under

Japanese scholars found that: the moldy carcinogen aflatoxin and saliva mixed and then applied to animal somatic cells, the results of its strong carcinogen toxicity almost completely disappeared. Experts point out that this disinfection of saliva is that it can eliminate the superoxide free radicals produced by carcinogens. This digestion and disinfection process of saliva is not only carried out in the mouth, and when the saliva of the food is mixed into the stomach, the sterilization is continued for about 30 minutes.

Saliva has a variety of antibacterial elements, can kill or inhibit a lot of foreign bacteria, such as hemolytic streptococcus, Salmonella typhi, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus and so on.

Therefore, people eat slowly when eating is conducive to adequate mixing of food and saliva, saliva can reduce the ability of carcinogens to produce superoxide free radicals. A food chew 30 times, can make food in the superoxide free radicals in chewing to eliminate. Therefore, it is recommended that people eat when they must chew, so not only beneficial to the digestion and absorption of food, but also play the role of anti-cancer sterilization.


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Arrhythmia patients arranged for daily diet, play an important role in the rehabilitation of the disease. Arrhythmia often caused by coronary heart disease, high heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, cardiomyopathy and other causes. In the diet should avoid the promotion of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and other disease development and exacerbate the food, but also should limit the heat supply, reduce the weight of obese people, reduce the burden on the heart.

(1) limit the heat supply. General daily weight per kilogram of 25 to 35 cards, body fat can be provided by the lower limit.

(2) limit the supply of protein, usually by 1 to 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight supply, heart failure and high blood pressure, the protein should be controlled at 1 gram per kilogram of body weight per day.

(3) limit high fat, high cholesterol foods such as animal offal, animal oil, muscle, egg yolk, crab, roe and so on.

(4) should be rich in VitB, VitC and calcium, phosphorus food to maintain myocardial nutrition and lipid metabolism. Should eat fresh vegetables and fruits to supply vitamins and inorganic salts, but also to prevent dry stool.

(5) to prohibit the stimulation of heart and blood vessels, such as tobacco, tea, coffee and spicy spices. Cream, such as raw radish, raw cucumber, cabbage, leeks, onions, etc., so as not to cause flatulence, affect the heart activity.

(6) limit salt and water intake. Especially for patients with edema, should be strictly controlled. There are edema and heart failure, the diet may not add salt and soy sauce.

(7) should eat less meals, to avoid hunger and fullness, especially eating too much will increase the burden on the heart, increase the original arrhythmia.

Patients with arrhythmia Note:

First, should eat more fish products, fish oil can prevent the heart of the blood is blocked, to prevent heart attack caused by arrhythmia. If a patient wants to take fish oil and health care products directly, you need to obtain a doctor’s permission in advance. Second, caffeine is also one of the factors leading to arrhythmia, caffeine will make the human central nervous system has been in an excited state, the body organs are not a good rest, so that the burden of the heart is too heavy, may lead to arrhythmia The Third, the risk of excessive drinking believe that we are very clear that this is one of the important causes of arrhythmia. Appropriate drinking is conducive to promoting the body’s blood circulation, but if you drink, it will destroy the normal operation of various organs of the body, induced disease.

For arrhythmia, medical laser therapy watch is a very nice treatment product, for your health,

medical laser therapy watch nothing more than a good choice.


Semiconductor laser therapy watch to treat a high degree of fatigue

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The high degree of fatigue has become the common symptoms of the current crowd, a high degree of fatigue, the most typical symptoms of sub-health, Semiconductor laser therapy watch can adjust the symptoms of fatigue.

The high degree of fatigue (heart and physical high load), which is the most typical sub-health symptoms, fatigue in today’s’society is the most common phenomenon. Shanghai Medical University made a survey, the results found that 18-25 year-old young people in nearly 1/3 of the long-term fatigue in varying degrees, of which the proportion of eye fatigue as high as 47.1%. Fatigue caused by immune function decline, is the incidence of disease increased. 30-50 years of age in young patients, fatty liver patients have reached 11.2%, 10-30 years of age than the proportion of tumors than 5 years ago increased by 10%. With excessive brain, lack of sleep, reduce people’s life. Shanghai in 1994 the average age of scientific and technical personnel died 67 years older than other people died prematurely 3.26 years, of which 15.6% occurred in the 35-54 age group.

Fatigue mainly for dizziness, head swelling, sleep is not good, irritability, palpitation, shortness of breath, arrhythmia,

limb pain, weakness, slow response.

If the above symptoms, then change the rest (including physical, heart and brain, with the eye). This is going through the appropriate physical activity, physical labor, listening to music, instrumental regulation of physical emotions, is the rhythm oflife regular, cheerful.

Semiconductor laser therapy watch, laser treatment using the mild well regulation of the autonomic nervous system, brain and improve the systemic circulation, improve red blood cell oxygen, tissues and cells to supply adequate oxygen and nutrients, improvement of sleep The Frequently used semiconductor laser output power of 3-5nw, irradiation 30min-1h, 1 day, 15 times as a course of treatment. The use of Semiconductor laser therapy watch process, the best continuous 7-10 days after the break for some time to continue to use.

The relationship between low-intensity laser irradiation and sub-health

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World Health Organization (WHO) states: 21 of the world’s number one killer of threat to human disease is lifestyle, especially his prelude – sub-health. WHO estimates that at least 60% of all human beings are not sick but not healthy. Indicating that sub-health is now the enemy of the number one enemy.

Sub-health between health and disease, it is symptomatic, but no clinical disease diagnostic indicators, he was not alive and healthy, and by the “chronic pain” torture.

In ancient China, the “disease” and “disease” is divided into different meanings, “disease” refers to the small disease is not easy to detect, that is similar to the current “sub-health”, that is, but the body has been yin and yang, blood Dirty organs of the imbalance, such as this is not timely to be adjusted, it will become “disease.”

The causes of sub-health are roughly divided into the following six aspects.

(1) cause fatigue: including physical fatigue, mental fatigue and heart fatigue. Also includes pathological fatigue, such as hepatitis, diabetes, tuberculosis and so on. Life is not the law, such as early can not afford, do not sleep late, eat irregular, etc. also produce fatigue.

(2) lack of sleep (insomnia): such as long-term sleep disorders will inhibit the production of hormone secretion, leading to aging and organ dysfunction. Some people use the mouse to do the experiment, the outside interference will not let him sleep, the life of the grace that to maintain 2-3 weeks. Long-term sleep will cause depression, this depression is considered the first killer of heart disease, resulting in helplessness, despair and quarterly pain, 55% -65% of patients will appear suicidal behavior.

(3) diet is not control: overeating, partial eclipse and other bad habits will cause a series of sub-health status, such as obesity, hyperlipidemia, hyperviscosity, hyperglycemia, hypertension and so will appear. Diet is irrational, such as excessive intake of fat caused by overweight and obesity, these people than adults 4 times higher than normal, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are also higher than normal 4 times the risk of stroke 10 times higher than uremia 17 Times, the blindness rate of 25 times higher, 50% of high blood pressure, 40% of hyperlipidemia, other such as gallstones, ventilation, irregular menstruation, infertility, breast cancer also occurs.

(4) the amount of exercise is not appropriate: life is the movement, long-term non-movement, reduce human consumption, heat accumulation and fat, easy to induce the occurrence of the disease; not exercise, but excessive exercise, harmful to the human body, and even sudden death.

(5) heart imbalance: that is, heart disorder, but also one of the main causes of sub-health. China’s psychologists on more than 200 cases of hypertensive patients to investigate, suggesting that 74.5% of adverse heart factors, bad mood, long-term past can cause gastrointestinal ulcers, high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, and even cancer.

(6) Environmental impact: According to WHO statistics, the global health of 4 billion people each year by the impact of air pollution, should arouse our attention.

Sub-healthy people, most of the “three less one” and “six high and one low” performance. “Six high and one low”, refers to high fatigue, high body weight, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood viscosity and immune function Low. The above symptoms are blood unhealthy performance. laser therapy device Laser blood therapy is just symptomatic treatment, in fact, for low-intensity laser therapy device with diet, heart, exercise, drugs and other comprehensive treatment, the disease eliminated in the bud, can effectively deal with the harm to human sub-health, so that we Chongya health State back to health state.

Laser therapy device for the laser surface multi-channel irradiation method: radial artery + Neiguan points + nasal cavity, three-in-one, to Shenzhen Guangyang Zhongkang Technology Co., Ltd. R & D and production of laser therapy device laser therapy watch as the representative.