Cold laser therapy:

FDA-approved cold laser therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT is a fast-growing medical field recognized by every major industrialized country in the world, providing pain-free, non-invasive and highly effective drug-free solutions. The neuromuscular and skeletal disease, LLLT is the only solution for trained practitioners to control disease when conventional treatments are lacking) has been widely used by health care professionals for more than thirty-five years. In addition, the therapy has been the subject of numerous studies, with more than 3,500 scientific papers published worldwide.

Cold laser therapy is a method of improving microcirculation by producing laser beams penetrating blood vessel walls and other tissues to be absorbed by the blood, producing lipoprotein lyase, Decomposing Fat waste in the blood, improving the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, purifying blood or high blood viscosity, and improving microcirculation. High energy can be concentrated in specific areas. This laser has unique physical properties which are not available to other ordinary light sources. The unique properties of coherence and monochromaticity are one of the keys to laser effectiveness in reducing pain and accelerating wound healing compared with other types of light sources.

cold laser therapy

cold laser therapy

How does it work?

Cold laser therapy can speed up the healing of damaged cells. Laser injections of biological photons into damaged cells by photochemical effect. Cells begin to produce energy (ATPase), improve their function, help them divide, strengthen their own immune system, and promote the secretion of various hormones, accelerating tissue healing and pain relief. If damaged cells die, biophotons help to divide adjacent cells and produce new tissues to heal result.

Laser therapy benefits:

-Increasing ATP and activating enzymes in target cells promote healing under many conditions by penetrating the skin.

-Increased ATP and protein synthesis activate the growth factor response in cells and tissues.

-Improve cell proliferation.

-Because of the increased release of endorphins, pain can be relieved.

-Enhance immune system response by increasing lymphocyte activity level.

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